Im Zanus_of_Freeport CoH player,Megaman,fire emblem,Sonic and super smash bros. fan and also play CoH and CoV consistanly cause they are the coolest MMOs ever.EVER!

oh yeah and CoH/COV wanna see me in game?

All my Characters are on Guardian

Lythos Dark melee/Regen
AM FM Sonic/Sonic
Spectral Shadow Illusion controll/empathy
Sgt. Devon Mercanries/Force Fields
Kentzu Fire Blast/Kinetics


I like:
Video Games

I Hate:
Morons who think they are pshycic and has no or dumbfounded proof
People who think they can conquer the world when they can probably never
people who think runescape has aweosme graphics
people who think everquest 2 has bad graphics
anyone who likes to brag about thier grades


If you didn't know this but I have a Sheringan too

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Review: RuneScape - Good MMO? For Awhile

Jun 5, 2005

this game is good if your waiting for some other MMO to come out so in closing i would like to give this game an average score of 3/5

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