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Zanshouken blogged
Mar 28, 09 6:06am

A squirrel about the size of a kitten scampered down a giant tree in the center of the forest. This tree was of monstrous size and it is surprising that the squirrel got to the bottom of the tree without any problem. There was a woman there singing softly to a small baby. The squirrel started to glow and changed into a human. He had bushy, red hair and large, child-like, brown eyes. The woman had long, brown hair flowing down to her waist with ornaments that resembled leaves in it. She looked up with her kind, green eyes. "It looks like he left him here,"she said quietly. "So it's going to happen soon, won't it Yggdrasil?" asked the human/squirrel. "Yes it seems so. Looks like we'll have to prepare him for it Ratatosk." Ratatosk nodded and took the baby from her arms. "We'll need new names so as to keep our identities secret." "We'll decide that soon, right now just let him sleep." Ratatosk nodded and place the sleeping babe in a small crevice in the tree that Yggdrasil carved out.

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Zanshouken blogged
Mar 23, 09 8:16am

I need some suggestions for a small story I'm writing out of boredom. I think this is a good way to do it...well anyway I'll start with characters and work my way up...

Male Main Character
Age: 17
Height: 5' 10
Looks: Long, messy, brown hair with red eyes, light skin.
Weapons: Sword, Bow, and Knife
Personality: Stupid people should be treated like they treat other people. Anyone who messes with him or anyone he cares for gets a taste of hell. Doesn't care for petty things and will always get the job done...unless it's really stupid or embarrassing. Can cook adequately and gets annoyed easily.
Family: Foster brother and sister

Female Main Character
Age: 17
Height: 5' 8
Looks: Cerulean hair up to her waist, bright green eyes, light skin.
Weapons: Katana, Stave, and Chain
Personality: Can be ditsy at some random moments, normally very calm and sincere. Strong willed and scary when angered, controls the group with an iron fist...on the inside and is the lovable maiden to anyone who doesn't know anything about them. She usually stays behind and supports the group but can fight close range when need be. Can cook very well and usually prepares the meals.
Family: Other Male Main Character

Other Male Main Character
Age: 19
Height: 6' 2
Looks: Messy black hair almost low enough to cover his bright blue eyes.
Weapons: Broadsword, Dagger, Javelin
Personality:Very protective of his little sister and goes ballistic when MMC(Male Main Character), or any other male for that matter, gets into awkward, misunderstandable predicaments. He cannot cook for the life of him and every time he wants to the other two ask him to get water and quickly get to work.

Family: Female Main Character

Too tired to right anymore...any sort of criticism is appreciated...
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