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This account is dormant from now on - Please find me under Daffila
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The thing! With the stuff!
likes canderson's status update: "Some of these GamerGate debates online are too damn intense. I wonder where most of Neo stands."
Yay! Got the OR/AS demo code last night! I am such a nerd~ Such a flipping nerd~
Nintendo screwed up! -_- Not surprised actually...
I... Didn't get the OR/AS demo code... Even though I signed up for the newsletter and account years ago...
Got the shiny Gengar code last night. Pretty sweet!
likes Eiche's status update: "And now I've completed Classic on 9.0 without using a continue! SuperSmashBros 3DS"

My dad likes to keep my house at 60 during the day. read more

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Don't stop believing~
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>_> I see you there... Silently judging me... I have my eye on you...
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likes Enth's status update: "Had my first Japanese lesson this evening :) feels odd to be a student again but its a lot of fun!"

I took the first year twice. Both times got a D-. It was a fun class though! XD read more

likes BlueMew101's status update: "I'm passing my Japanese class with high scores. :3"
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