I'm thinking of making a new account... dunno why though.
WOOT! My ACNL came like half an hour ago! <3!
*bleep* life and the shit! I'm going to go kill myself now.
My ACNL game is coming on Monday! Cant wait. I wish we had mail on sundays...
2 days! Whoo! :3
ACNL IN 3 DAYS! <3 Cant wait. Dad pre-ordered it already and its shipped today!
todays music sucks ass. just my thoughts.
I cannot brains today, i has the dumbs.
can someone translate this? http://bit.ly/11rxDaU
Can't wait for Animal Crossing New Leaf to come out on 6/9!
Cheesecake! <3
its 12am... wtf am i doing up this late?
I feel like killing a dragon...
I <3 exploding crap.
Happy Birthday to me~ Happy Birthday to me~
My birthday is tomorrow. x3
Wrote some crap today. I hope to have it fixed up before sunset.
What do you do when you feel like no one wants to be around you?
I <3 my new 3ds xl.
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