Ultimate Gogeta Z_Man
Nov 3, 03 1:47am
I saw you in someone's guestbook so I'm signing your guestbook.

I have no idea who you are.

But you get a stamp:

Could you sign my guestbook in return?
kin jazama Z_Man
Aug 18, 03 3:01am
I'm signin errebody's g book,
Cuz I'm a nice guy. Sign mines if you want.
I wont care if you dont.

Peace out, pimp.
The Unrivalled Z_Man
Aug 5, 03 3:58pm

I thought I would sign your Guestbook. I've seen you around the Tekken 4 forum and I can tell you're a pretty cool guy.

C'ya around.

exsoldierCloudStrife Z_Man
Aug 2, 03 11:26pm
hey Sephiroth clan rules plaz sign mine
Fluffy Spawn Z_Man
Jul 31, 03 2:10am
What is up Z_Man!!! H o w a r e y o u!!!!!!

Holler back YAAAALLL!!!!!!!!!!!

from Fluffy Spawn

i25 character suck dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
scorpion VS subzero Z_Man
Jul 24, 03 5:00am
thanks for signing my guest book no bigy for putting the wrong thing i once pmed somone when i meant to sigh there guest book:ashamed: anyway youve also been stamped
hes teleporting;)just to tell you
SSBM Gamer Z_Man
Jul 9, 03 11:03pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I haven't seen you around a lot, so I don't know what you are good at. Oh well. I'll see you around. PM me if you want to chat.
Puggy Z_Man
Jul 7, 03 7:02pm
Hey Z_man, what's up?
I really hate the 125 character limit as well, that's why I've got this stamp:

You've been stamped by Puggy! Mohahaha!

dBZ_MeTRoid_FREak Z_Man
Jul 2, 03 12:22am
hey wow.. 2 signs in one day because of my trick, wow. Well thanks for signing my guestbook, im returning the favor. C ya.

The Arabian Girl Z_Man
Jun 5, 03 8:04pm
Thanks 4 your help and 4 signing my guest book, and I hope that u can answer all the questions,I wish u the best luck, OK BYE BYE now*-*
martinwalker8 Z_Man
Jun 3, 03 8:16pm
Hey there Z_Man, thanx for signing my guestbook, i see you a lot in the KH forum and you know a bit as well, we (you, me and []bjok[/b]) might get our work cut out if, people keep posting for help, our heads might explode coz of too much thinking. lol. see ya later.
BoRiQuA4ShO Z_Man
May 31, 03 6:33am
Hey "Mr. Classified ", um tell me what Z_Man means!!!! I wanna kno!! tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me!!! -LoReNa 4rm MIA
I3lade_MasteR Z_Man
May 25, 03 10:04pm
hey thanks for signing my Guest-book so ill sign yours yea im usually in the kingdom hearts forum so see you around
Ugochukwu Z_Man
May 12, 03 5:00pm
It's me Ugo..., ahh its just too hard. Well it seems to me you are new here and you probably do not know your way around neo. But i liked your comment on the forum "is paul cheap or not". It was nice. well if you venture find your way around neo, i hope you remember to sign your old pal ugo... see ya!

Hugo, is my name