I saw you in someone's guestbook so I'm signing your guestbook.

I have no idea who you are.

But you get a stamp:

Could you sign my guestbook in return?
I'm signin errebody's g book,
Cuz I'm a nice guy. Sign mines if you want.
I wont care if you dont.

Peace out, pimp.

I thought I would sign your Guestbook. I've seen you around the Tekken 4 forum and I can tell you're a pretty cool guy.

C'ya around.

hey Sephiroth clan rules plaz sign mine
What is up Z_Man!!! H o w a r e y o u!!!!!!

Holler back YAAAALLL!!!!!!!!!!!

from Fluffy Spawn

i25 character suck dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for signing my guest book no bigy for putting the wrong thing i once pmed somone when i meant to sigh there guest book:ashamed: anyway youve also been stamped
hes teleporting;)just to tell you
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I haven't seen you around a lot, so I don't know what you are good at. Oh well. I'll see you around. PM me if you want to chat.
Hey Z_man, what's up?
I really hate the 125 character limit as well, that's why I've got this stamp:

You've been stamped by Puggy! Mohahaha!

hey wow.. 2 signs in one day because of my trick, wow. Well thanks for signing my guestbook, im returning the favor. C ya.

Thanks 4 your help and 4 signing my guest book, and I hope that u can answer all the questions,I wish u the best luck, OK BYE BYE now*-*
Hey there Z_Man, thanx for signing my guestbook, i see you a lot in the KH forum and you know a bit as well, we (you, me and []bjok[/b]) might get our work cut out if, people keep posting for help, our heads might explode coz of too much thinking. lol. see ya later.
Hey "Mr. Classified ", um tell me what Z_Man means!!!! I wanna kno!! tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me!!! -LoReNa 4rm MIA
hey thanks for signing my Guest-book so ill sign yours yea im usually in the kingdom hearts forum so see you around
It's me Ugo..., ahh its just too hard. Well it seems to me you are new here and you probably do not know your way around neo. But i liked your comment on the forum "is paul cheap or not". It was nice. well if you venture find your way around neo, i hope you remember to sign your old pal ugo... see ya!

Hugo, is my name