Looking for either of these, with at least speed, attack, and hp IV's. Prefer the Torchic either Jolly/Adamant Or the

Willing to trade a Shiny Excadrill for this. Pm me or post via @ZMoney

As the title says, if you have this for trade write @ZMoney or pm me please.

I have both with most natures. Although, adamant is the best for both of these. Looking for some specifics: Piplup and Heat

I am looking for a Drilbur, if you have one or know the location of where to find them I would be grateful. I have lots to

I am looking for a Scizor. I have a lot to offer, such as: -Shiny Ledyba -Starters -UT Level 1 Absols -UT Level 1 No

I have a lot to offer, almost finished pokedex. I can offer: -Shiny Mienfoo or Ledyba (Depends on the natures) -Ditto

I am looking for 4 Pokemon at the moment. -Drilbur -Piplup -Heatran -Blissey If anyone could help that would be awesom

I am looking for either of these two. I have a lot to offer, a plus would be if it was Adamant nature. -I can offer lots

Adding ALL FC for the Safari! Mine is: 1005 - 9722 - 6131

I have done Level 3 Attack super training with my Mienshao and it clears it with a breeze getting around +550 points every go

I couldnt tell if this should be in trade or not. But, would you trade Xerneas/Yvetal for a shiny pokemon you plan on EV&a

I am looking for a Naive UT Meinfoo and an UT Adamant Larvitar. I have to offer: - Japanese Pikachu - Golett - Eevee

I have both and I just cant debate which one I want to keep in my party. I love them both to death. The only thing stopping m

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