In the year 2006,during the June holidays,my parents bought the PSP game "Monster Hunter Freedom" for me.On that night,I started playing the game and I have successfully cleared the 1st village quest given by the Village Chief standing in front of a big house,which I came to know that it was the Gathering Hall,or simply known as the Guild Hall later on.A day later,I skipped the 2nd quest as it was quite difficult and went to the 3rd quest.I have difficulty climbing to the top of the mountain in Area 6 of Forest & Hills because I didn't know what button to press for my hunter to cling onto the ivy.But after I had read the manual,which is provided with the game,I successfully cleared it,followed by the 2nd quest,the 4th quest,and lastly,the 5th quest,which is fishing,one thing that I hate to do.An urgent quest appeared,telling me to slay 3 Velocipreys,small blue raptors with red crests on their heads.They have sharp teeth and their attacks are deadly because I was wearing lousy armor.But luckily,with some dodging and slaying,I successfully cleared the quest.Another batch of quests had appeared.I managed to clear most of them by staying away from aggressive monsters and clearing the objectives ASAP.Now,there was one quest that stood in my way,the Wyvern Egg carrying quest,in which I had to face a fierce and powerful flying monster called Rathalos.It is red with its tail filled with spikes at the sides.As I knew that I had a lousy weapon as well as lousy armor,I ran as fast as I could.Sometimes,I got hit by Rathalos' attacks,especially its charge and fireball attacks,aerial and land.When Rathalos screamed,it broke the Wyvern Egg that I was carrying.But,with determination,I managed to deliver a Wyvern Egg without being seen!Another urgent quest appeared,this time it was telling me to kill a Velocidrome,which is the leader of the Velocipreys.I went to Area 10 and unlocked the cut-scene.Velocidrome was a cheater!It kept summoning Velocipreys down to attack me,even when it is stunned by my Flash Bombs.Fortunately,I successfully killed it and carved it.The 3rd batch of quests appeared,this time they were harder.Although I had managed to clear most of the quests without much difficulty,I got stuck on the Crystal Hunting quest,so I went to the Guild Hall and clear all the easy gathering quests and two other quests,one of which is gathering and the other is slaying.In 2007,during the March Holidays,my parents bought the PSP game "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd" for me,so I stopped playing Monster Hunter Freedom and went on to play Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.A day later,I started playing my new game and cleared all the training quests in the Training School with ease.Next,I went to clear the elder quests,which became harder as the level increased.Now,in 2008,I have reached to the 5 stars elder quests,unlocked all arena training and unlocked the HR2 Blangonga urgent quest.


Watching my favourite television programmes on TV,playing Monster Hunter Portable 2nd on my PSP,surfing the Internet for info about Monster Hunter Portable 2nd on my PC,drawing.


Death shall come to those who oppose me!!!
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Review: Monster Hunter Freedom 2 - I love Monster Hunter Freedom 2!!!

Feb 7, 2008

MHF2 now has different hairstyles for you to choose.You can also decide on the colour of your hairstyle by toggling the colour bar.In general,MHF2 has 50% more content than MHF.MHF2 also has different music themes not only for different...

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