Shadic Hearts Yukiiko
Apr 5, 13 2:22am
My name's Shadic! I liked your art,but some of it confused me.
RaThaLoS 123 MhFu Yukiiko
Apr 6, 12 6:29pm
Just going on neo,as always,anyways what hr are you in MHFU,whats you're charactors name,armour and weapon?
ultimatenoob314 Yukiiko
Jul 15, 09 5:43am
you seem like the kind of person with no life. Why don't you go and get one. They are pretty fun and normal. Bow down u ignorant foolhahaahahahahahah
Tigrex12 Yukiiko
Jun 7, 09 4:40pm
can you help me at monster hunter frontier..
im having a problem.. can u help me register please and thanks.

by the way im new here.. im from philippines im also a fan of monster hunter.
Yezzic Yukiiko
Jan 12, 09 8:15am
Your art is great. It's also relatively easy to turn into a joke, as you have seen, but whatever.
Keep up the good work, you're drawings are worthy of jokes!