_Wakfu Wiki_ ] With an English dub finally being released on Netflix, the internet is in need of an English Wakfu animation

That pink phase didn't last as long as I thought it would :V

Surprised this hasn't been posted here yet; shortly after the demo was released, a group of people decrypted it and went

when will I learn to not read the youtube comments section
You changed it!! :'( Noooooooo-
I want to... change my avatar and signature again. D:

http://www.tickld.com/cdn_image_content/6343.jpg Anybody else like this? Whenever I get into something, I become obsessed wi

Extra Credits playlist on the subject. We're having a discussion about ethnic minorities in the new Pokemon games over h

always chooses mega man as the cpu so i can prepare for the robot insurgency.
preparing for the robopocalypse.

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