Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
Thanks for the reply, i was wondering do you play blitz or bug house (team chess)?? maybe we could open a new forum just for chess that would be so cool. Well anyway see you around.
Heres your worst Nightmare

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Hi! I'm Goten Super Saiyan.

It's a pleasure to sign your guestbook. Hope you'll sign mine also.
'ello! ^.^ Lookie at my new stamp! Well anyways talk to ya later, byes! ^_~


Shinigami Is Back From Hell!! >=3

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Life can be so unfair and gay

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I am going around and signing lots of guestbooks. I have seen lots of your replies and treads around the place.
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Lets get on with our duel but this is still a signing so just remember

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uh hey, dunno :s (ok, yeah I know I'm weird :s)
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The dark may hide the evils, but if you can't see them doesn't that mean they can't see you?

Your guiding light

The dark may hide the evils, but if you can't see them doesn't that mean they can't see you?

Your guiding light

PM me for a yugioh card tarot reading and/or learn how to tarot read with your deck

"When the calm and innocent are annoyed,
They will make sure that all is destroyed.
And when their powerful form is enraged,
Their true powers shall be engaged."

thanks for singing my guessbook . I don't realy know anyone on neoseeker. I am usally on during the week -end. p.s. u can know find me on the yellow format.
I just thought as you were kind enough to sign my guestbook, I would repay the favour.

A joke me thinks

What did bob marley sing when his wife left hima nd took the TV?

No woman, no sky

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hey i saw your profile and saw u like yugioh. well so do i and i wanted to sign someone's guest book . oh yhea will u sign my guest book
how ya doing,finally got on neo i see.well seeing as how your my best friend in real life i thought i would be the first to sign your guestbook.hope you like neoseeker.