shrimp rock Yoyoma
Dec 6, 07 11:10am
Just signing your guest book. My stamp isn't that great. I just made it today.
Anyway see ya around.
-Shrimp rock-
almostfamousgrl Yoyoma
Jul 8, 07 11:24pm
Returning the favor.....

Hope I'll see you around some more.
Pretty Princess Yoyoma
Jul 7, 07 10:13am

Lizzo Yoyoma
Jul 3, 07 7:48am

A normal day in Vice City.

Made it with paint in a few minutes, lol. Nothing special.

Your friend,

Kevin Yoyoma
Mar 22, 07 8:44pm
I'm signing your GB.

Here is my house:


125 Character Length FtL
Pretty Princess Yoyoma
Aug 16, 06 12:04am
Hey heres a stamp sorry i was busy
hpoe u like it! pm me bye!
Jimbo999 Yoyoma
Aug 13, 06 4:38pm

I never knew how to work photoshop now i kinda do, hope you like my stamp:D
Pretty Princess Yoyoma
Jul 12, 06 12:06am
Hey yoyoma21 im so sorry for wut i did can u forgive me please!! And can i PM u now i just got so over board i don't wut happened just PM me if u forgive me i hope BYE!
Ruksul Darksbane Yoyoma
Jul 10, 06 3:10pm

You've been stamped! ^_~
Congrats on winning the first GSi lotto, with the number 666 at that.

I'm impressed.

I wish you good luck in the future, and hope you have a good time on Neo.
Jay_Z Yoyoma
Jul 9, 06 7:26pm
Hey, you seem like a pretty cool member on this site, so I thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

Sign back!
Pretty Princess Yoyoma
Jun 30, 06 6:48am
Thanks for the picture it was real nice can u tell me how to put a picture on mine so i can give u a picture it's hard why in the world do we have to have 125 letters when we write?!
Pretty Princess Yoyoma
Jun 30, 06 6:36am
Hello yoyoma21 wut r u doin i like meeting new people it's just weird on the internet um r u nice but anyway if u want to sign mine it's Pretty Princess wit the Sonic Riders icon thanku! bye
Akiva Yoyoma
Jun 27, 06 8:05am
You dont have many signings, so i'll stamp you.
I agree with the previous signer on both issues.

Jimbo999 Yoyoma
Jun 27, 06 7:57am
Your the best pal!
Your never mean, your kind, think for others not like GSI, there selfish only think for them selfs!
Benk_92 Yoyoma
Jun 26, 06 4:55pm
Well if only four have signed, I'll help out a little. Saw you on the AC:WW forums.

Cant find my stamp though...

MrGTA Yoyoma
Jun 26, 06 12:49pm
Im the fourth to sign your GB! WOOOOOoooooooo-HOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo

Sign back
hyperion45 Yoyoma
Jun 26, 06 12:11pm
i saw your name and it said 2 singys so i thought i'd sign it for you so good luck getting more signatures so damnit the length so just to be sure
Delexo Yoyoma
Jun 17, 06 8:53pm

Here is a stamp. Thank you for signing the petition for the Skateboarding Forum. Hopefully, I'll see you there!
game_testerWB1 Yoyoma
May 21, 06 11:54am
Hi i guess im the first to sign! Welcome to Neoseeker on behalf of every1!Anyhow Ere is my ususal sig!

Youve jst been stamped by Game_TesterWB1! dnt 4get 2 sign bak now!