Just signing your guest book. My stamp isn't that great. I just made it today.
Anyway see ya around.
-Shrimp rock-
Returning the favor.....

Hope I'll see you around some more.

A normal day in Vice City.

Made it with paint in a few minutes, lol. Nothing special.

Your friend,

I'm signing your GB.

Here is my house:


125 Character Length FtL
Hey heres a stamp sorry i was busy
hpoe u like it! pm me bye!

I never knew how to work photoshop now i kinda do, hope you like my stamp:D
Hey yoyoma21 im so sorry for wut i did can u forgive me please!! And can i PM u now i just got so over board i don't wut happened just PM me if u forgive me i hope BYE!

You've been stamped! ^_~
Congrats on winning the first GSi lotto, with the number 666 at that.

I'm impressed.

I wish you good luck in the future, and hope you have a good time on Neo.
Hey, you seem like a pretty cool member on this site, so I thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

Sign back!
Thanks for the picture it was real nice can u tell me how to put a picture on mine so i can give u a picture it's hard why in the world do we have to have 125 letters when we write?!
Hello yoyoma21 wut r u doin i like meeting new people it's just weird on the internet um r u nice but anyway if u want to sign mine it's Pretty Princess wit the Sonic Riders icon thanku! bye
You dont have many signings, so i'll stamp you.
I agree with the previous signer on both issues.

Your the best pal!
Your never mean, your kind, think for others not like GSI, there selfish only think for them selfs!
Well if only four have signed, I'll help out a little. Saw you on the AC:WW forums.

Cant find my stamp though...

Im the fourth to sign your GB! WOOOOOoooooooo-HOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo

Sign back
i saw your name and it said 2 singys so i thought i'd sign it for you so good luck getting more signatures so damnit the length so just to be sure

Here is a stamp. Thank you for signing the petition for the Skateboarding Forum. Hopefully, I'll see you there!
Hi i guess im the first to sign! Welcome to Neoseeker on behalf of every1!Anyhow Ere is my ususal sig!

Youve jst been stamped by Game_TesterWB1! dnt 4get 2 sign bak now!