All my life I've been inlove with animalcrossing. I played it for years an years. I also played nintendogs all my life. I really hope I can meet some people who are interested in the games I like. I'm a huge Mario fan( Luigi too ;) ) and I could play Mario 3d land all day. I'm into a lot of apple games such as my favorite -Nimblebits Tiny Tower -Kairosoft games -teamlavas restraunt story -backflip studios DragonVale. My gamecenter account is AliyahRulesAll. I have quite a few friends so feel free to add if you need more people. I draw anime art as a hobby as well as gaming. I love to swim even though I only swim once a year atleast. I would also reccomend 1app and 1 3ds game reccomendation.
App-Dragonvale. That's all that needs to be said
DS game-animal crossing3ds. It's not out yet but please get it when it is, it's the best simulation game for Nintendo (sims just sucked)


Gamecenter- aliyahrulesall
3ds friend code- 3308-5192-9552
Fav DS game of the month-Nintendogs and cats
Fav App of the month- dragonvale
Fav Song of the month- Ray Charles
Fav youtubers- TheQuxxn, TobyTurner,Smosh,Bluexephos,aerogirl01,bfvsgf,Jennamarbles, raywilliamjohnsen, Shane Dawson, therealkatscetch, downragegaming,thefinebros, mymusic.

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