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Neo finally got mobile?? I guess I'll return for a few weeks. XD
It's been awhile....
Its me against the world
Got my Learner's Permit!

Went to the concert that was in the title last night (Feb. 23, 2010) and it was amazing. Fly Leaf was okay. Couldn't hear word they were singing. Breaking Benjamin was amazing. Their style is perfect for me. My friend and I weren't planning on going crazy like we did. We started head banging and "rockin' it up". We had great seats, right next to the stage and perfect view of the mosh pits. One person got nailed in the head and had a giant but on the side of his head. Blood was pouring down his face.

Anyway, Three Days Grace, the real reason I came the concert, was amazing. They sang a bunch of my favorites like Pain, Never to Late, Home, I Hate Everything about You, Riot, Just Like You, and my all time favorite by them Animal I have Become! That was the song that would make the concert perfect, and they sang it last, but my phone decided to die on me right as the song was about to start so I couldn't save the memory. I'm sure someone has it on Youtube... nope, not yet. At least I got the other one's.

Anyway, amazing concert. If they're coming to your town, SEE IT! Pyy the money, stay out late, deafen yourself, lose your voice, its all worth it. Especially if its on a school night. Best concert ever!

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Three Days Grace Concert was the Shizz!
Going to Three Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin/Flyleaf concert! :D
Finally decided to return
Got Need for Speed: Shift! :D
Watching Yesman!! :D
I'm a "Flawless" "Star Player". :D
NEW ACCOUNT! The_Shadowknight
Whats the difference between Santa Clause and Tiger Woods (PM 4 answer)
Is obsessed with Buso Renkin!! :D
"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."
Just got back from a B-day party! Was amazing! PLayed Twister. Vid on FB
almost got the Modern Warfare 2 Platinum Trophy!!
Beat MW2 on VETERAN! What then IW?


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