Welcome, Yoshi Fan!

Looks like you've come across my Neohome. This place is all about me and my love for Yoshi, the friendly green dinosaur who makes appearances in loads of Mario games.

There's not much here, but feel free to look around!


It all started long ago when I was about five or six years old when my parents bought an SNES for me! One of the games it came bundled with was Super Mario World, which I started and continued to play for years and years. Parts of the game were pretty hard, but they became easy after Yoshi popped out of blocks I hit. After playing through and completing the game 100% my appreciation for Yoshi grew and grew with every new Mario game released.

To this very day, he's still my favorite video game character. Yep, I think I was truly born to be green.


Q) What is the plural of Yoshi?
A) I have no idea, so I'll be using the word Yoshis from now on to refer to more than one.

Q) Yoshis lay eggs so they're female, right?
A) Nope. Some sources say they are neither female nor male, but it's confirmed from official game manuals that they're male. There is, however, one female Yoshi in Mario Party.

Q) Can Yoshis talk?
A) The ones today usually utter indistinguishable crap or say their own name. But there are times when Yoshis have spoken in English, such as in the Super Mario Cartoon, Super Mario 64 and many RPG titles without many vocals.

Q) So all Yoshis are pretty much the same?
A) No. Yoshis come in a variety of colors ranging from pink to brown. There are also many unique notable Yoshis like Boshi, Yoshi Kid, Village Chief Yoshi and Yoob.

Q) That's all the questions and answers?
A) At the moment, that's it. This section will be updated every now and then, though. So check back some time!

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