UK/PAL region brahs, what limited edition are you getting, or are you getting the standard copy? £54.99 instead of... read more

If they improved the gameplay and customisation drastically, it would have so much more replay value. read more

I like the realism in GTA IV and I also liked the story in GTA IV; it was good - as was the realism aspect. I think... read more

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Why all the GTA IV hate?!

Well yeah, if you're talking about... read more

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500GB is more than enough for me. I'm fine with my PS3 from 2006. There's no point to me in paying extra when you... read more

Does it just unlock for that disc and multiple players, or is it one disc and a code meaning the first user to play... read more

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The share button is great and all but is it only capable of...
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Could come out on both but if I were betting on one, I would have initially gone for the PS4, like most people. It's... read more

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It was actually meant to be one dot/full stop, it was a typo, brah.
In the world of the...
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