I wonder how it will stack up to Uncharted and also other games this year in terms of fun. read more

Which means 3 weeks tomorrow my life goes on standby whilst I spend countless hours playing TLOU. read more

I'm getting a PlayStation 4. I doubt I'll get an Xbox One. Absolutely no reason to; all my friends have PS' and will... read more

UK/PAL region brahs, what limited edition are you getting, or are you getting the standard copy? £54.99 instead of... read more

If they improved the gameplay and customisation drastically, it would have so much more replay value. read more

I like the realism in GTA IV and I also liked the story in GTA IV; it was good - as was the realism aspect. I think... read more

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Why all the GTA IV hate?!

Well yeah, if you're talking about... read more

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500GB is more than enough for me. I'm fine with my PS3 from 2006. There's no point to me in paying extra when you... read more