Just wanted to sign some guestbooks...

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±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
Hey. Random signing spree, hope ya return the favour!

Love Vanilla
Jst on a random signing trip around the whole world! Hey Canada great place went there on my holidays when i was about 8 loved it! C U around!

I NEED 125 CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Me. Yes me. Here's my new stamp:

Sign back if you can.
What's up? You're probably wondering why i'm signing your guestbook. Well, it's because I can, got a problem with that?

"What were you doing down by the river?! Fondling her yum-yums?! BUNDLING HER CUPCAKES?!!!" -- Mochon (FLCL)
Im a bit bored so i thought ill sighn a gb.you better sighn mine LOL.Any mate see you around Neo.No offence youve got a wird user name LOL

Hi Yick,

Welcome back from your break. I hope to be seeing you around the Sims2 forum!

I really like the sims and can't wait to buy Sims2!!!!!
Oh wow your stamp is just the greatest! Like you said, it's some hardcore shitass monkey eating fortnight lighter juniper beetroot lipstick-sucking mormon stuff! It's sad to see you go, but I'm sure you will be back someday. Bye Yick!

Hay, well only stupid people sign your guestbook, I think I qualify as stupid.
Hey Yick, I'm signing your guestbook, so I guess that makes me stupid, eh? Bwa ha ha ha!! See ya later!

- Mike C.
Kudos on your recent promotion, bud. I love the Sims. The first week it hits the shelves I'll be there with the best of the nerds shelling out my Canadian currency.

Oh, by the way. "Cossy" works just fine.
Hiya Congratulations Yick, for becoming the moderator of The Sims 2!

Thankks for signing my guestbook with your non-existant stamp. Birthday? Not mine...

A man was sitting quietly at a bar when someone came in and shouted "all lawyers are assholes!" The man jumped to his feet and shouted " I resent that!" "Are you a lawyer?" "No, I'm an asshole!"

See ya around...
Yo dude, wtf is happenin, fun chatting with you in GTA:SA forums, and i hope we can converse in the future, you should stop by the can forum, we need another spiffer-upper ... and remember=


How did ya know that only idiots sign your guestbook, you must be a god or so to get so smart...
Anyway, how the *bleep* did you manage to post 2046 message in 2 years?¿?
I only have 123 posts in half a year...
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    1/3 cup water
    1/3 cup all-purpose flour
    1 1/2 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted
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Hey commander of the great Generals forum!
Just thought to sign your guestbook!
You're doing a great job man. Keep it up!
Anyway, see you around.

hey thanks for signin my guestbook dude, i have not been around for much time so few ppl have signed lately.
now what should i do, dance, party, smoke.... ok that was stupid so ill just say good bye
take care
Strategy fans are hard to come across, it's nice to see what few there are in the forums.

This is a hitback, and a quote as with all other guestbooks I sign:
"There is a difference between my not saying anything and my not having anything to say" - me

c'ya around,

Hey dude, hows it going? Well I've seen you around the Forums, and I think your a pretty good mod. Hopefully you will sign my G-Book. Well, keep up the good work!