Star Fox YeOldeBowser
Apr 18, 08 10:20pm

You signed? I'll reciprocate. I've seen you around Loungin'. Seem like a cool guy.
SRU_ Benji YeOldeBowser
Feb 17, 08 9:04am
Yeah im just sigining back for no reason cause ive seen you on brawl. plus your on my friends list. xD

Sign back
You better


wiithepeople YeOldeBowser
Sep 11, 07 12:53pm
[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\WTP stamp.bmp[/img]

You been stamped, Bowser!
Thanks for signin' me!
criscrazy YeOldeBowser
Aug 25, 07 7:43pm
I totally forgot you wanted a stamp, sorry about get a free hit on me XD
Meteor Rogue YeOldeBowser
Jul 31, 07 6:03pm
Yes I'm signing your GB so sign back and give me the candy!!

ConkerASkyJockey YeOldeBowser
Jul 30, 07 3:59pm
Of course you are, try drinking water before posting on the internetz.

Anyway, I sign your GB... I seen you in places (Brawl, Galaxy and the General Mario)

I have no stamped but take this cell phone:

Also, where's my candy?

P.S: The fire is real, good luck.
Kingy YeOldeBowser
Jul 29, 07 7:59pm
Hey I've seen you around a few places, mostly in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl forum, and I'm just signing back. See you around, dude!

New stamp---

harvest_fanatic YeOldeBowser
Jul 26, 07 2:37am
Well, here I am, signing your guestbook. Now where's my candy bar?!?!Anyway, we avid Yoshi fans should keep Yoshi going (even if you are more of a fan of Bowser)!

See u around!

triforceofwisdom YeOldeBowser
Jul 25, 07 9:53pm
Just wanted to swing by and say yo.

Have a good one.
SandyPanda YeOldeBowser
Jul 7, 07 10:50pm
Yeah, the world is pretty small.

I can has a candy bar? It says I can have candy bar. I WANT ONE!

attack master0000 YeOldeBowser
Jul 5, 07 12:21am
Haha cya around the windwaker forum dude! Lets keep screwing up those stories Anyways cya l8ter dude!!!