I'm back! *does the funky chicken* being on vacation has given me renewed joy for neoseeker, mainly because the person I was staying with is the mod of the kingdom hearts forum! YAYA!! *dances around again*

just a small question: what are the dimensions of a banner, anyway?


some of my fav quotes!

And then watch you transform, more and more, into what you really are deep down in your heart!" -Zim
"Deep down I'm bologna?" -Dib
"Yes." -Zim
"That's just ... dumb." -Dib
"Dumb like a moose, Dib! Dumb like a moose!" -Zim

"They throw planets into it like firewood to keep it burning. And now, they have the Earth." -Zim
"Yay!" -GIR
"No GIR, that's bad." -Zim
"Aw." -GIR
"Do you know what this means?" -Zim
"Yes." -GIR
"You don't really, do you?" -Zim
"Hm." -GIR

"Why was there bacon in the soap!?!" -Zim
"I made it myself!" -GIR

"Be gone with you! I've had enough of your nonsense from your smelly mouth filled with...corn!" -Zim
"I haven't been eating corn!" -Dib
"LIAR!" -Zim

"Lies! Now, behold the doom cannon!" -Zim
"I can't. It's invisible!" -Dib
"But you can see me?" -Zim
"That's what I said." -Dib
"Oh that's stupid!" -Zim
"Really stupid!" -Dib
"You dare agree with me!?! Prepare to meet your horrible doom!" -Zim

"I'm the only one here with the technology to decode the files!" -Zim
"And we're the only ones here with the files to be decoded!" -Dib
"And I'm..." -GIR
*GIR laughs*
"I dunno!" -GIR

"Invader’s blood marches through my veins like giant, radioactive rubber pants! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!" -Zim

"That's it, Dib. Laugh now, yes. Laugh and frolic in your vile meats of evil...meats of evil!" -Zim

"Please ma'am, if you don't buy my candy, my little brother will go insane." -Zim

"Wait, if you destroyed Dib in the past, then he won't ever be your enemy, then you won't have to send a robot back to destroy him, and then he will be your enemy so you will have to send a robot back-" -GIR
*GIR's head explodes*

"Cows are my frieeeeends..." -GIR

"Hi floor! Make me a sandwich!" -GIR

"But one day, you'll be sitting in your house feeling all safe and secure, and then you'll look over and I'll be there! Doin' stuff!" -Dib

"Chickenfoot! Come back! You're not a freak! You're just stupid!" -Dib

"Malfunctioning SIR units! Hey! These things are dangerous! Anyone using these could really get hurt! Send them to Zim." -Purple
(you can probably tell I like IZ...)

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Review: Pokémon Stadium 2 - hmm...

Jul 23, 2002

I really liked this game. the thing was, lvl 100 fighting only cared about how fast you were. that isnt very good. would YOU like it if your pikaboo was knocked out by another lvl 100 electric pokemon, that used THUNDER!? I didnt think so. the...

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