Hello District shoppers! The forum moder

As the title states, I am looking for these legends. But only the ORAS ones from Ruby and Sapphire. I have over 1200+ shinies

I can offer pretty much anything. Take a look here:

I have loads of Pokemon events, and pretty much every Pokemon EV'd trained and being shiny as well if possible. I will tr

I am only two Pokemon away from completing my sixth generation Pokemon collection. I need these two with the blue hexagon.

Would anyone have these at level one: ****Shiny Flawless Average size Impish Pumpkaboo**** ****Shiny Flawless Large size

Sudowoodo Combee (Adamant, but with better IVs. The one I have currently has, 31/31/31/31/31/x). Throh (Not Timid) Clamper

This is just a little update. But I am still missing these at level 1: Sudowoodo Wobbuffet Dunsparce (Not Sassy) Combre

I still need to get the other four Pikachu. I am not worried about the nature. My Pikachu has the nickname, せ&#

I am missing these at level 1. Would anyone have these Pokemon flawless and shiny: Sudowoodo Wobbuffet Dunsparce Remora

I would like to obtain these at level one. I am just not sure if its possible or not. If it is, and anyone has them please ta

Would anyone have these? I would like to add them to my collection. Here is what I have to offer:

I have over 355+ competitive shiny Pokemon that can be seen here:

I will pretty much trade anything for them, I just want to add them to my collection. Here is my Google doc file: https://

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