Zazomy XtremeBladesta
Oct 19, 07 4:49pm
1: best crap for khezu
2: tips on HR up
3:best strategy and actual bows, i just love em'

1: You're best bet is a fire weapon, and thunder resistant armour. If you're really cautious, go for some armour with high grade earplug! This is great for gunning/bowing him.

2: What can I say about this ? Just complete all the quests you can in the guild hall, you'll get an urgent quest. Complete that and you've just HR'd up!

3: Best strategy for bows would be to circle the monster you're fighting and charging a shot with your bow at the same time. Always use the highest bow charge you can get, otherwise you'll do next to no damage. As for actual bows, go for bows like the Prominence bows, the Sonic bows, maybe the Tiger Arrow series, they should last you to hr4 before you need to upgrade them or replace them.