I like to run alot! I like going to track meets and participating in them. My fastest 1600 Meter time was 6:36 in the track meet I had in May 2004!

I also like to go Samoln fishing in Alaska, espicially when you catch a 50 pounder!

I also like deer hunting in the fall at my Grandma's house in Minnesota!

I can't wait for Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green to come out!!!!


I like Fishing, Hnting, Sleeping, Eating, Talking, anything that doesn't include thinking, Electronics, Cross-Country Running, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Skiing, Snow-boarding, going to amusement parks, climbing mountains in Alaska (particularily the Brooks Range just North of Ancorage), biking, roller-blading, sledding, Yu-gi-oh cards, watching movies, and girls!
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