The crisp taste of a glass of insanity, creativity, that fuzzy thing on the wall, a hyena, and whatever else is in- ooh, a shiny quarter!
I'm a dry cleaning wheel. Why do I exist?
Just your garden variety of a insane lurking- OHMIGOD, THERE'S JAWS IN MY BRAIN!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! -coughs- I'm cool.

MY FOURTH BLOG! Yay. So, I've been playing Professor Layton lately and now I think I'm gettin' obsessed. Got Unwound Future the other day, hay ay. Also got some new colored pencils, so my new fanart will look better, the colors will match better and not look crappy, and I'll try to outline it better.

Super excited top get more news for Pokemon: Nobunaga's Ambition and Black/White 2... Kyurem/Reshiram totally looks more awesome than Kyurem/Zekrom because Reshiram is awesome. So awesome.

Finishing some art soon, just got on it... As well as FINALLY did a good concept for a creature I'm making, did a back shot, then gonna do a side and front shot and release then in my art gallery on here at the same time.. Gonna color them as well, maybe with colored pencil, maybe some simple shading with Paint Tool Sai so I can practice on that. Gonna head back to Germany in a few months and won't be on Neo or internet for a while, but I'll take commissions before hand and try and work on them and finish them during the.. month or two or so I'll be gone.

I totally want Kingdom hearts: Dream Drop Distance, but I WANT MOAR XIGBAR IN IT. DO IT SQUARE ENIX, DO IT! I WANT ME IN THE GAME SOME MOAR. Totally.

Keheh, bai now. Short blog... longer later... bleh... rambles...

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