Kutiekinzie Xenophilia
Dec 30, 11 9:52pm
Lexi, you are one of the best girls I have ever met. You're smart, funny, awesome, and you're like an older sister to me. You're nice to everyone (well, as far as I know :3). You're so awesome that I wanna stalk you on Twitter. It would just be awesome if I met you IRL (which is very possible, cause we only live a few states away). So, NEVER EVER EVER STOP BEING LEXI OR I WILL GET YOU.

♥ Arianna
Hmszelda Xenophilia
Dec 28, 11 1:20pm

lateness (Y)
shiny_happy_peacefuL Xenophilia
Jul 21, 11 1:12am
Little D on Headmaster Rumbleroar?!
Lexi, what a background that is.
I love it ;u;

Headmaster Rumbleroar, Headmaster Rumbleroar
And little Draco tooooooo
ilovenintendo Xenophilia
Jun 20, 11 12:52pm
Hey, ditto, buddy. n_n
You're doing great work in the Neowikis. Staff position I see? Ooo, fancy. x3
Keep up the great work, Starkid. May you recieve your acceptance letter to Pigfarts soon.
Kutiekinzie Xenophilia
Jun 07, 11 4:00pm

Well, it's true! Lexi, you are one of the awesomest people on Neo, for all sorts of reasons. You were the one who made me read Harry Potter. You were the one who intoduced me to Starkid. You're the one who had the idea of a StarKid wiki. Your awesome! So, lemme just put this stamp riight over heere...

Eon80 Xenophilia
May 02, 11 1:44am
Lexi, you crazy Harry Potter fan girl you xD You’re probably the biggest Harry Potter fan I’ve met, like, ever. It’s awesome how you can seemingly turn everything into some sort of Harry Potter related comment. Too bad I’m hufflepuff and not ravenclaw, but it could be worse right? I could be Slytherin…*shivers* Good luck with the Harry Potter Wiki btw. Make it look Xenophiliawesome.
Quetzalcoatl Xenophilia
Mar 22, 11 9:34pm
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
NextHanna Xenophilia
Feb 02, 11 4:52am
    Hi! Love the new name change btw. Got new stamp, happened to do it all myself. XD Hopefully going into graphic arts next year!

Hmszelda Xenophilia
Feb 01, 11 9:50pm
Hey I wanna cookie!!!
Hey I'm Ur age wow! I was 11 just 3 days ago!!!!
I hope to see u on dear diary open animal parade!!!!
NextHanna Xenophilia
Oct 17, 10 11:52pm
    Mah Beatles Fangirl Friend! It's time for a guestbook signing! And, just cause, I shall give you a Beatles Stamp.

    Okay... just cause... here's a cool Beatles gif I found. xD

Maria10is10 Xenophilia
Sep 09, 10 3:53am
Hey, I know we don't talk much, but I've seen you around and I'll sign your Guestbook~ ^^

NextHanna Xenophilia
Jul 09, 10 7:49pm
We're 4 weeks apart! -Leaves a cake with 11 candles on it-

Happy Birthday Alexis!!!

I'll stamp you later, I forgot about making my stamp D:

ilovenintendo Xenophilia
Apr 17, 10 5:54am
We don't talk much, but I hope we can get to know eachother better. ^.^
Just signing your guestbook~
(Like you couldn't figure that out. XD)
Love your profile!
Rock on. 8D
logcar Xenophilia
Feb 25, 10 2:35am
Wow....and I thought the I was obsessed with them....I must say you top the charts lo...I guess now it seams as if I'm the fool on the hill...xD
Game_Grl_199 Xenophilia
Jan 01, 10 9:35pm

Happy New Year Gaby!!
Let's Have a Great 2010~!!
Flagman Xenophilia
Dec 30, 09 2:41am
Arrr! Thank you for signing my guestbook! It was really nice, i hope you and your family have a good year too. Talk to you later!
ilovenintendo Xenophilia
Dec 27, 09 11:37pm
Thanks for the Beatles!! ^.^
Now I'll give you something I love!
Even though it has nothing to do with the holidays, Orlando Bloom can make anyone happy! : D
Happy New Year!


snow Xenophilia
Dec 27, 09 3:39am
Thanks for the Christmas stamp and I hope your xmas was Awesome,I don't have a xmas stamp but I have my ...
Dusk Xenophilia
Dec 24, 09 10:06pm

Merry Christmas Lexi! Your a great Neo-Sis, and hopefully you'll always be!

Sorry I can't get you a drum set, so I'll give you some cookies instead. :3
shiny_happy_peacefuL Xenophilia
Nov 14, 09 10:38pm

    lalalaa. iz all for nao.

Clubpenguingirl1 Xenophilia
Oct 28, 09 2:30am
Welcome to me!! how is u?

my puppy loves everybody!
Talk to me soon
scorpiogrrl95 Xenophilia
Oct 28, 09 1:13am
I wish you were still here cuz I wanna talk to you, and I miss our PMs.
Hopefully you'll come back soon though, right?
If not, then I'll miss talking to you.
Oh well. ^^
Hmm, what else is there to say?
We're on ToTC #9, I rewrote my first joint with Anggy in the WL, Lucy's new story is going to be published, and we all miss you like crazy.
I wish you didn't get lost in Narnia cuz I had a big loot planned out for the town we were gonna go pillage.
Oh well, I'll just tell the crew that we're delaying it.

Oh, and by the way, have you been able to eat that writer's block yet?

Well, I miss you and hope you'll be back soon. ^^

From your super awesomesauce ninja-hippie home-skillet neo-twin pirate captain, Mellie.
scorpiogrrl95 Xenophilia
Aug 10, 09 6:34pm
You've been stamped by your ninja-hippie sistah!

Hope you like it!

shiny_happy_peacefuL Xenophilia
Aug 09, 09 5:28pm
Hi, Alexis! It's Gaby! You are an awesome writer, and you NEVER forget that! =3

x_HM_DS_Cute_x Xenophilia
Aug 01, 09 11:24pm
Congratulations! You've placed in numerous awards for the Harvest Moon DS: Cute Forum's 2009 Awards!! Below are numerous stamps created to comemorate your placement. On said awards, there are a few spelling errors. Said spelling errors were not noticed till all the stamps were created, so the creator did not go back and redo them. I and the rest of the Harvest Moon DS: Cute Forum hope you enjoy them.
Thanks for all you do in the Forum!