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May 26, 09 8:12pm
I blame tomchu for getting me back into Halo 3. I had almost forgot how fun the multiplayer can be! Halo3
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  • "I beat the last mission on Legendary, loved the ending! Really made Halo 4 make much more sense! Halo3"
    EliteRacing343 Nov 08, 12 11:12am
  • "You thought he was going to shoot his way out Halo3"
    GreenSamus8888 Apr 18, 12 5:07pm
  • "stupid famine skull... Halo3"
    GreenSamus8888 Apr 18, 12 2:05pm
  • "343 better not stuff it up or i will order a hit on them hehe :3 Halo3"
    crimson heretic Dec 03, 11 7:40am
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