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Nov 20, 09 3:41am

...downloaded automatically after pairing the mouse through Bluetooth.


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Aug 25, 09 1:02am

I'll let the teaser speak for itself:

The specifications look promising so far, but I wonder how it will fare against the inevitable netbook related releases from Apple and Google. More details about Nokia's 10.1" Windows-based wonder will be made available next week. In the meantime check out the promotional video and snapshots.

Well played, Nokia.

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Feb 21, 09 9:57pm

Those who didn't manage to receive a Quake Live beta invite will be interested to know that the game will be entering open testing from Tuesday.

Visit the official website for more information.

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Feb 21, 09 4:45am

A little gem from this year's Mobile World Congress was the news that mobile phones will soon use a single universal charger. By 2012, every major device on the market will receive power via microUSB. No longer will there be different chargers for different manufacturers!

My Nokia N85 is the first phone I've had that utilises microUSB charging and I really can't fault it. It minimises the number of ports required on the phone exterior and it's great to have the device charge while it streams a movie or copies over data. Note that there's still the option to charge through a traditional wall charger (it simply has a microUSB end, as pictured).

I think this is a great example of standardisation done right.

See also: "Universal charger for phones plan" at BBC News.

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Feb 14, 09 10:09am

Unix's ten digit clock hit this unique sequential date a few hours ago. I guess there wasn't a "1234567890 bug" then.


See also: "This afternoon, party like it's 1234567890 Unix time" at Engadget.

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Feb 14, 09 5:06am

If you had told me ten years ago that I'd be playing a match of Quake 3: Arena through Internet Explorer, I'd have most probably called you crazy. After all, it was the most graphically impressive and system intensive game of its time. It even required a graphics card! But id Software have achieved the impossible: they've managed to create a version of Quake 3: Arena and its expansion pack, Team Arena, that runs right from the browser. And, better still, it's totally free! There haven't been many cuts made in the content department, either. Although a few of the maps have been reworked, this is essentially the same game that has been at the forefront of gaming as a sport for the last decade. The framerate is silky smooth and the gameplay still as solid as its ever been.

Newcomers to the Quake series can go through a brief tutorial that's built right into the game. You can skip the tutorial if you're already familiar with everything, but the one-on-one botmatch that follows is compulsory. The outcome of this game determines your skill level, which is linked to the Quake Live matchmaking system. From there you can jump right into the fast-paced multiplayer through the game's slick web interface. It's definitely worth trying out.

Quake Live is currently only available to those who have an invite to id Software's "Beta Center" and who are running a Windows XP or Windows Vista machine. The final version will also support Apple's OSX operating system.

I have no invites available on my account yet, but posting in the Quake Live forum thread created by Superfast Oz should net you one quite quickly.

Don't forget to wear your Neoseeker clan tag!

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Jan 2, 09 11:18pm

A very Happy New Year to all Neoseeker visitors, members and guests alike! It seems cliché to say that 2009 is going to be an exciting year for the site, but that's only because every year that passes seems to outdo the one before it. From new features such as blogs and galleries to multiple neoforum releases and GameGrep changes, 2008 saw a flood of great updates to the network. 2009 looks to carry on that trend and hopefully will end up delivering even more.

This year is especially notable for the fact that it will see the 10th birthday of Neoseeker and neoforums. You never know, we may even get to see a very special commemoration to mark it in true Neoseeker style!

Here's to another unstoppable year!

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Nov 26, 08 9:07am

Even if you missed out on the Fallout 3, Football Manager 2009 and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia contests, or didn't manage to win anything in the GameGrep Halloween Giveaway, it's still possible to net some free loot courtesy of Neoseeker's currently running competitions. Here's what's up for grabs: Sports fans should also be sure to read up on the Gillette "Champions of Gaming" Tournament that Neoseeker is currently promoting around the site. If you're skilled enough, you could end up being flown out to Florida to play against one of five modern day sporting legends! With a staggering $58,000USD worth of prizes and a generous 465 prize packs available, it's definitely something worth checking out.

Just remember, you can't win unless you enter! Good luck.

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