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Nov 24, 13 10:02pm

Has anyone managed to grab a special crate during this weekend's event? I raced to one earlier today and it contained:

tekmosis Xenctuary
Oct 26, 13 12:22am
Hi Mr. Xenctuary
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Oct 18, 13 2:17pm

Rockstar have updated GTA Online to 1.04 today. One of the first things I noticed is that healthcare bills have been drastica

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Oct 12, 13 2:11am

Has anyone managed to find the exclusive garage that came with the Collectors Edition? I noticed you can infinitely spawn

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Sep 19, 13 3:02pm

Go go go! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/neoseeker

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Aug 27, 13 1:03am

--Quote Polygon-- =Xbox 360 update turns Microsoft Points into local currency today= Microsoft officially did away with Mi

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Aug 14, 13 1:51am

I'm proud to reveal a new exciting partnership for Neoseeker with the fast-growing Overwolf service. In case you're unfamiliar, Overwolf is an overlay app that provides instant access to social media, IM services and assorted features like video rec....

Xenctuary shared a news (@zakislam)
May 29, 12 12:27am

During its broadcast of a report on the ongoing crisis within Syria, the BBC mistakenly showcased a logo from...

Xenctuary shared a news (@Tiger go Meow)
Mar 08, 12 11:29pm

Kara, a new short film from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, shows just what the studio is capable of, and all...

Xenctuary shared a news (@chautemoc)
Feb 14, 12 6:56pm

The impressive iCEnhancer visual mod is back again, prettying up your Grand Theft Auto IV. Now it's in 2.0 form,...

Xenctuary shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Dec 06, 11 10:20pm

Scoff at the Kinect all you want, but that little peripheral is packed with potential.  Anyone with the proper...

Xenctuary shared a news (@chautemoc)
Nov 02, 11 10:27pm

The very first trailer for Rockstar's next opus -- Grand Theft Auto V -- is here, and it speaks of American...

Xenctuary shared a news (@leochan)
Oct 24, 11 10:27pm

Sega has a new double feature of TERROR today with its latest The House of the Dead: OVERKILL - Extended Cut,...

Xenctuary shared a news (@chautemoc)
Oct 13, 11 8:56pm

It's a little under two weeks until Battlefield 3 launches, and with that comes reveals for two new maps out of...

Xenctuary shared a news (@chautemoc)
Oct 11, 11 8:30pm

Forgoing typical methodology, IO/Square have put together a 16-minute gameplay video for Hitman: Absolution,...

Xenctuary shared a news (@Reenee)
Oct 07, 11 12:22am

If a plumber can save a princess over and over again, why can't a janitor be a hero as well? 2D...

Xenctuary shared a news (@chautemoc)
Sep 26, 11 9:47pm

No better way to start the week than with this: a TV spot for Battlefield 3 featuring an alternate version of...

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Sep 09, 11 1:23am

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=366] When Rockstar last released Max Payne 3 screenshots, they assured...

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