Quetzalcoatl Xemnas the Superior
Mar 22, 11 9:34pm
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Province Xemnas the Superior
Oct 18, 10 5:09am
You don't remember me, but we where pals once you & I...I think...(I was Patton10). So anyway, slow times so going about and signing ppls books.

Anyway I signed before and I never left a stamp, cause I was a n00b and didn't have one, BUT NOW I DO HAVE ONE!

Rome Xemnas the Superior
Dec 25, 08 8:35am
Hey, man. You've been a pal my whole time here. I'm glad I met you, and maybe one day for real. You and your girl have a Merry Christmas!

Hey. Sorry I cut you from the team. Let's hope the league doesn't eliminate us at mid season, so I could swap you in for another player.

Rome Xemnas the Superior
Dec 24, 07 6:22am

Fausta Festa Christi Natalitia!

Habe festum mirabilem!
Xaldin Xemnas the Superior
Sep 10, 07 10:08pm
Behold the awesomeness of my new stamp.

Patton10 Xemnas the Superior
Aug 23, 07 5:43pm
You've signed mine twice so i'll start repayign you now. I haven't got a stamp so this will have to do for now. Enjoy the RP. by the way. It should...hopefully...be a good one.
greenbean Xemnas the Superior
Aug 23, 07 5:19pm
Hello, this is just a random guest book signing.(maybe with a reason)
Well I hope you like this crappy picture.
felt like signing some guestbooks today cos i got nothing better to do so here you go

SlashXIII Xemnas the Superior
Apr 4, 07 9:51pm
figured i was overdue so im signing ya with meh new stamp

fairygrl Xemnas the Superior
Mar 24, 07 2:23am

that is tom delonge who stole my heart and shit

<3 i'd say more but idk wat to say haha.

anyway hope to keep talking emotionless boy,


your my neofriend and I got 2 new stamps So I'm just signing

hey i was going through forums and saw your rp and figured i'd sign. you're doing a really good job in there! hope you sign mine! 'till our computers crash, love ya always, little kitty kat
fairygrl Xemnas the Superior
Feb 9, 07 12:52am
hey i love talking to you so i thought I'd drop by

luv u
king rock Xemnas the Superior
Feb 7, 07 6:48am
hi never sighned so i thought i would go ahead and sighn ok

Mew King Xemnas the Superior
Feb 6, 07 10:06pm
Since your the first tto sign my GB willingly this year I`m signing back.

I just started watching Card Captor Sakura a couple weeks ago it pwns.

When I finish my stamp I`ll resign =)
thanks for letting me be Xemnas in the rp and your welcome for joining it I could see Xemnas is your favorite character

ruki123 Xemnas the Superior
Jan 28, 07 6:09am
ok i will sign your guest book. i'm ruki123 i am the best gamer there ever was ever is and ever will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwa haha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha aha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aah h hah hahalkaaia agii ibai iwfarw[gttthya= 90eu0 ua 9etn+gf4j -+y47t-yrj5t+--yj*u*y/k*=y/lyi., liyylu087i5[jieraiy[k47i 7i
Stitch Xemnas the Superior
Jan 28, 07 5:34am
Lol. You spelled it correct. except for Queesta. It's with 2 'E's.
Actually nobody is sure how to spell it, Some spell it like Kwischta.
But In mine opinion, Queesta looks better.
Thanks for signing my Guestbook.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice day.
hi sorry i haven't sign this well im signing now

Rome Xemnas the Superior
Jan 27, 07 5:07pm
I hope that you like that stamp that got here. Neofrineds forever, pal!

I'm bored so I'm just randomly signing peoples guestbooks

Ello friend!
I hope 2007 is everything
you hope it will be!
I'm here for you when
you need to talk!
Don't forget that!
Rome Xemnas the Superior
Dec 23, 06 12:27am
Yeah, that is right. You signed it again when you already did and stamped the same picture on there again. LOL! "Your love of the halflings' leaf has clearly slowed your mind."

Like the quote?

Neofriends forever!
Willow Xemnas the Superior
Dec 19, 06 1:43am
You have been chosen...

Happy holidays!