Just as the title says, I'm considering buying this but wanted to know if anyone else had gotten it and their opinion?

I'm sure this is asked a lot but the most recent thread I could find was from 2012 so I thought I'd make a new one ha

I know there are plenty of threads about this but its so hard to choose one I decided to just make my own haha:) What does ev

I know there was a thread for screenshots earlier but since that was a long time ago, I'd love to get another one going!

Been playing Skyrim the past week or so and decided since I've beaten every major quest line multiple times and don't

Hi all I posted a thread on here a few days ago and have since then found the answer to that question sort of haha. I know th

I'm surprised no one has posted this! ESO is going free to play for all platforms and console games will be available Jun

Here's a new quote from Serebii about Hoopa movie news, Gen 5 HA starter codes, and a Shiny Ray distribution event! Unfor

I'm curious to know what everyone else is breeding in ORAS. Right now I'm breeding for a Speed Boost Adamant Torc

Hey everyone I had a quick question and wasn't able to find the answer by googling. I have a male Torchic with speed boo

Hey all, I was just curious as to how many shines people have? I know they've become quite a bit more common since gen si

Hey everyone! I just recently bought the Pokemon Bank and am curious about the best way to use it? I'm curious as if it i

Hey guys, I was just wondering, do you need internet connection when using the bank after downloading it? I'm assuming th

I'm trying to get the Destiny Knot from the Young Couple in Sea Mauville am waiting on them to be ready to rematch. Does

Hey everyone! I know I'm new to this forum but I didn't want to post this in the ORAS forum( where most of my time is

I know we've got lots of threads about how to get it and whatnot but I was curious as to how many people have been able t

This may be premature but I'm just excited to see any new faces hanging around the forum haha. It's hard for me t

Saw that @Jrod1205 had posted Legendaries need to be hoenn born to activate battles with other legendaries and was curious as

Just thought I'd see what other books from the series people have read! I've read all four books in this series an

Hey everybody @MJ The Unrelenting@ and I decided we'd like to get some more( which really means any:) traffic on these fo

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