I'm trying to get the Destiny Knot from the Young Couple in Sea Mauville am waiting on them to be ready to rematch. Does

Hey everyone! I know I'm new to this forum but I didn't want to post this in the ORAS forum( where most of my time is

I know we've got lots of threads about how to get it and whatnot but I was curious as to how many people have been able t

This may be premature but I'm just excited to see any new faces hanging around the forum haha. It's hard for me t

Saw that @Jrod1205 had posted Legendaries need to be hoenn born to activate battles with other legendaries and was curious as

Just thought I'd see what other books from the series people have read! I've read all four books in this series an

Hey everybody @MJ The Unrelenting@ and I decided we'd like to get some more( which really means any:) traffic on these fo

I just want a Fallout 4
Days of of our lives...
Can't say that there is anything better than sloths.
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