That topic is one of the best topics I've ever seen in a forum. If not the best. I haven't read all of it. But the subject is what I want to see and it seems to have enough replies to be, at least, a good size list. I didn't know about this topic until somebody recently replied to it. So that's another thing I like about this topic. It's recently been replied to. More people will see it that way. I'll try to remember to add, when I see a new one/some.
I saw in the introduce yourself thing that being an arrogant prick is one of your favorite pastimes. So, I cracked and figured I'd be nice and since your guestbook appears to be unfulfilled, posted here.
So now we get to listen to you be an arrogant prick. Hey, long live arrogance.
DeadAssassin Xelrog T Apocalypse
Mar 7, 09 10:28pm
Just to let you know, I don't care what rank I am in posts any more. if you catch me, then, congrats. In the meantime, sign back in my GB when you get this.

See you around the MKDS forum!