alroy214 Xandersilk
Nov 14, 15 12:45am
That's an amazing Gengar (0.0)
Nov 09, 15 2:24pm
Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go. Let it go.
Cheesus Xandersilk
Nov 08, 15 1:21pm
What have you done...
Xandersilk shared a forum thread
Oct 29, 15 2:10am Seen this on Facebook before and it made me think about my actions and the actions of the p

Murderer Xandersilk
Oct 23, 15 2:15pm
Oct 22, 15 10:38pm
I got my university course offer! Brisbane here I come, to stay this time. (ShinyMilotic Squiggle time for hangs yo)
Vast Xandersilk
Oct 22, 15 11:05am
Jolonale is better
Xandersilk shared a link
Oct 21, 15 7:54pm

Hey PL. Because it's "Back to the Future" day, there isn't a more perfect time to ask this. How do you d

Xandersilk shared a forum thread
Oct 18, 15 5:17pm

So PL, where do you prefer to watch movies? Do you like to go out to a cinema and have a night out or would you prefer grabbi

Xandersilk shared a forum thread
Oct 18, 15 5:10pm

We all love food, as I can see from the other threads in PL. (lol) Do you enjoy cooking? What do you usually like to cook?

Oct 17, 15 7:32pm
4k posts finally
Xandersilk shared a forum thread
Oct 17, 15 12:15pm

What goes through your mind when you are waiting for something? What do you think about? Do you pass the time? Do you try and

Xandersilk shared a forum thread
Oct 17, 15 12:00pm

@Ciel Phantomhive@ gave me the idea for this thread, shoutouts to him. Okay so when you were in school, were you the type

Oct 15, 15 12:24pm
Waiting for a light that never comes.
Xandersilk shared a forum thread
Oct 05, 15 3:53pm

What do you normally do on a weekend? Do you prefer going out and doing things or do you just prefer taking it easy at home?

Xandersilk shared a link
Sep 25, 15 3:38pm

Where do you see yourselves in five years? Will you be working, will you be finishing school, will you get married? What do y

Xandersilk shared a forum thread
Sep 17, 15 1:09pm

PokéLounge, this isn't a regular "favourite artist/band/genre" thread. I wanna know what Music means

Xandersilk shared a forum thread
Sep 13, 15 2:29pm In quiet old Twilight Town, darkness waits to strike. A dreaded curse has befell over the pe

Xandersilk shared a video
Sep 03, 15 12:28am


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