I'm kidding. You're my go-to Jew.


Yeah, I just saw your new caption next to me on your neofriends list, and I must say I'm very tempted to get in the Jesus Christ right now. Anyway, new stamp, enjoy.

Yeah, that's essentially my face throughout the whole song D:

To illustrate my face, I've hired a kitteh to pose.


Fausta Festa Christi Natalitia!

Habe festum mirabilem!

Scio...Judaeum es...

Happy Holidays Xaldin! =]

And I know you want MY stamp. Hahaha.

It's such a shame that Xegaldis no longer does banners...
Ohmagosh! I have like the same exact flipping stamp as you except mine is cooler because it has Tidus in it. You also get a stamp for recently befriending me because when you befriend FFXFREAK you win at life.

See ya around the forums~

Since you gave me a new stamp, I will give one that you liked.

Yes, the magic trees.

Neofriends, man.
Smexxie stamp! Moar pl0x.

Btw, did Bill (mett_15) make it for you? Oh, and I'm stamping you with my iPodz stamp in return; tough luck if you have it already. XP

Took me seconds to make.

Seeya around.

BTW, most of the other Org.13 members have a catchphrase.

Larxene's: Pikachuuuu!

Hey! I've seen you around, and I want to be Neofriends. Please stamp back and add me to your Neofriends list. Much appreciated!

Sign back when you can !

Congratz on your new Mod position, dude. Now you can go about banning people.
I've seen you in the Kingdom Hearts 2 forum alot so I thought I'd sign your guestbook

Sorry about the stamp not showing up here is the replacement.

You've Just Been Stamped
Been a while since I've signed a GB. Just wanted to, so meet your new watchdog. He'll keep intruders out with his sparkly coat

Hey you're being stamped by the best grl on neo, you should be happy.

anyway i wish you could recieve PM's but oh well

<3 danielle
hi i saw you stamp im just signing to say nice stamp

lol. thanks for agreeing to participate in the rp. and may T.H.O rule over all organazations no ones ever heard of.

Thanks for Signing my Guestbook, I see you around the KHII forum the most, Great game.
And that is sure a Funny Stamp you gave me.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice day.
I'm bored so I'm just randomly signing peoples guestbooks

You mean the world to me, Tiger.
To my beloved Kali,
Hurting you was such a mistake.
The last thing I'd ever want,
Is to upset my darling Rake.

You're my world,
My one and only.
Without you,
I'd be cold and lonely.

If you could only,
See my face.
You'd know I feel,
Like such a disgrace.

I'm down on my knees,
I'm begging to you.
Please find it in your heart,
To do what's true.

All your pain,
I wish was mine.
So please forgive me,
For this crime.


would've signed earlier, btu had no stamp...):

have one now though...obviously..


Marry Christmas Xaldin. Think we could be Neo_Friends?

Sorry about the size of the stamp. Im new to this.

Enjoy the Holidays
Just returning the favor...
(It was the funniest thing I could find...)