Saw this in Ra's profile and I thought I could make something like this..

First Best Neofriend
- Winged Dragon of Ra (The first person I saw on neoseeker :D, if your not his friend then your missing out alot!)

Friend in real life
- basil_429 (He's my cousin and he introduced me to neo, very annoying sometimes especially when he forces me to post!)

Well known neo friends
- lorenza_frenzy (Even when it takes him a week to reply my PM's I know alot about him!)

- Gusty_bv (Just talked a while ago a found her to be very nice unlike other people >_>, Spyro's No.1 fan other than starwarsmaster of course!)

- Nightmare Ominozohar (TThough the last time I talked to him was 1 month ago, he is my big brother and he lives in Australia! After his complaints on asking me to change it :p, I did

Helpfull neofriends
- teadortenchev (Teodor helped me out with only a few matter but it did teach me alot about neoseeker, like the rules, about mods and especially the hard HTML markup tags!)

Talk ALOT neofriends..
- starwarsmaster (Spyro's No.1 Fan, he's really very nice and harmless but he can bite if you say your Spyro's No 1 fan cuz starwarsmaster is!)

Not well known neo friends..
- Game_Lord_X (Saw him in the crash forum is well he a very non-rule breaking seeker)

- Homunoculus Lover (Yay, she unblocked me and she is non mean, really very nice when I got to know her :D)

Places where I post:
Spyro 3
Spyro 2
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories
Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction
Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3
Miscellaneous Games

Other than that nothing much really.


Okay, I'm 12 years old and I'm a Yu-Gi-Oh! nut, I think about it everyday, And now, I like to watch spongbob squarepants and flint the time detective, dont bother me!

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