Hi, it's Molly (:
I am preety new to games well I played them before but usually became very bored and stopped and never completed them. Now I am coming back to them and finishing them and feeling accomplished. Actually I before very recently I had a very narrow mind when it came to games. I had pokemon...and that is about it well maybe a super smash bros. once in a while. But now I am playing more games and I realized I missed alot so now I feel silly playing some games. I don't care though XD so I have been enlightened into the game world. RPG's are more of my thing I like a point to my games and to have goals. But I am sure if there is a good enough game I will make a exception.
Wow, dosen't that just make me sound like the biggest gamer/nerd? Well it is okay I know I am not that is one side of me
TeeHee =) ah yes I am also obessed with smilies because it makes things more personal and better then lol.


My favorite games are Harvest Moon games :D there so fun and addictive <3
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