Dark Spectre X3n0
Apr 7, 05 10:39pm
I've seen you around some forums so I thought I'd do the decent thing and sign your guestbook! Hopefully now you'll sign back. Anyway, in closing, you have been...

(The stamp may kinda suck but still it's better than nothing)
Angel Blade X3n0
Nov 26, 04 1:26pm

I guess I'm trying to ignore a night of boredom because I have a weird case of insomnia this night. Must be from the turkey and Apple Cider. Have fun and see ya around.

Angel Blade27
Apr 2, 04 6:03am
HER WE GOOOOOOOOOOO 123456789100123456789
zcaliber X3n0
Sep 26, 03 2:41am
yo ive seen you around like at the starcraft forum and stuff...

well anyways cya and sign mine in return (plz plz plz plz plz!!!)

from the one and only (hopefully)
dBZ_MeTRoid_FREak X3n0
Jul 10, 03 10:53pm
hello, ive seen you around the Kingdom Hearts forum so I thought i'd sign your guestbook. So Sign mine in return.

NeO_gurl X3n0
May 27, 03 7:58am
well your everywhere so i'll sign your guest book once and for all heh.....so hi and hope u keep on writin a lot! bi now

ok....not enough..argh! welllllllllllllllll thats enough so bi NOW. heh
dl4everbsdlight X3n0
May 21, 03 11:37pm
I see you alot on the KH forums so um I'd just thought I'd sign your g-book...return the favor please?...yeah well ...hmmm this 125 character rule sucks but hey no one can help it oh well...bye:)
kyoji X3n0
Apr 24, 03 6:46pm
i'm gonna sign you're guestbook again since i done my stamps

have a good day and the next and the one after the next
Adelaidedk X3n0
Apr 20, 03 9:33pm
You seem very popular in this place.
Well, I just saw you around in the forums and decided to sign your guestbook.
Well, see ya:)
rollingpimp X3n0
Apr 18, 03 4:21am
Sup X3no, I see you at a lot of RPG forums, and I thought Id give your gbook a sign. Hope to see you areound a bit, and well.....laters.
martinwalker8 X3n0
Apr 16, 03 12:58pm
i just thought that i would sign guestbooks while i'm not doing anything, i see you a lot in the Kingdom Hearts forum, you come up with some good toss ups, thats all i have to say, see ya.
kyoji X3n0
Apr 12, 03 4:44pm
well i'm gonna use this oportunaty to sing you're guesbook again

nice one mr.roth!!! (he's basicly all our frinds at the kh forum) some day you'll find out who he is
Puggy X3n0
Apr 10, 03 10:01pm
Remember that headline when you signed someones guestbook? lol
I'm giving you a hint: The first letter is "D".
Anyways, you're keeping up the posting madness I see. (Not as mad as when we did it in the old days of course.) And could you please sign my guestbook as well as few have.
smell ya l8r. (always wanted to say that.)
okumsup X3n0
Apr 8, 03 2:04am
Yep, Yep, Yep, hey your in too much forums, like everyone in the world~! thats cool, keep on posting posting posting posting, that big limit thing thing, posting
Dark_T3mplar X3n0
Mar 18, 03 8:04am
sup X3n0!! i see you around the forums alot...enjoyin time on the forums? i guess u will say yes...man, im not good at guestbooks, lousy character limit...i think this is enough now...

oh and if u ever want a banner, i'll make one for you, even a avatar! lol...animted included
Leonheart X3n0
Mar 6, 03 9:06am
I have seen you around alot in the Kingdom Hearts forum. And now in the FFX forum. Just dropping by to sign. See you around the forums.
HyperShadow0213 X3n0
Feb 28, 03 3:50am
hey, its hypershadow
u seem pretty cool and just signin ur guestbook.
well, cya l8r in the forums and happy postin.
P.S>sign my guestbook too plz?
The1AssGamePlayer X3n0
Feb 28, 03 2:57am
JuSt ThOuGhT IdE SaY HeY WaT Up!? How YaZ BeEn?! I SeE U A LoT In The DeSuShIn BoRd AnD U HeLp Me out W/ ThE BaNnEr ThInG, So IDe ThOuGht IdE SiNe Ur GuSt BooK AnD SaY ThaNkZ! WeLl SeE YaZ LaTeRz.
LotA LuV 2 AlLZ,
RoXxAnNA (1AssGamePlayer)
Silverwolf X3n0
Feb 23, 03 10:39pm
hi I just though i would drop bye and say hi.
well i see you alot around the KH message board and I wanted to sign you guest book. You can sign mine if you want see ya.
Varsity Angel 7 X3n0
Feb 15, 03 4:58am
hi X3n0! what's up? i'm just signing all the guestbooks i can write in! yay! plz sign mine! anyway, see u later on the forums ^^!!!
furiousfire X3n0
Feb 10, 03 4:32am
hey man nice to see somone try to make another persons threads clean while their gone nice work mhmmmmmm

kyoji X3n0
Feb 10, 03 1:32am
hello w3n0 it's relly nice to have someone reponsable like you around and make sure you chek out the canada forum to find it look at my signature ^^
Dark Linda X3n0
Feb 10, 03 12:12am
Hi X3n0! I've seen you on the KH forums and dicided to sign your guestbook! Happy Birthday. (<< catch pharase) Can you plz sign my guestbook too? okay! gotta go! see ya on kh! bai. sign my book soon.
StanMan X3n0
Feb 7, 03 7:54am
Hey X3n0! wazzup? I'm just dropping by! Yeah, i complied, and i signed your guestbook! SIGN MINE TOO!!! N e ways, see u later!
jok X3n0
Feb 4, 03 1:30am
Hey man, wassup. I am glad to have another person who I actually rival with in wits of KH's(D. Sephiroth, and FenriZ being the other two)But I have no idea what to say except, you seem like a good guy and I hope to see you in the KH, and Xenosaga forums. See Ya!!!