Shiny lvl 100 Politoed with Pokerus Looking for something with good trade value and that will help build my pokedex

Spud and I have stopped making our usual threads. The first page of the forum is beginning to look very different. Activit

Does anyone play it? On PS4? I do but the forums a bit dead and i like you guys better. :)

tender loving care we all need it sometimes who do you go to when you need a hug?

is boring me but i need MY GAINS BRO what can i eat as a substitute that is equally easy to make and will give me

why has nobody ever made one yet there are like 3 or 4 for kingspud hahaha

the forum is saved again let us all rejoice!!!! _WOOOOO!!!!!_

i am 23 come and celebrate me please :)

My friend code is 1907-9991-4923 Let me know if you add me and send me your code, i'm playing for the next few hours.

it has now been over a month since spud last posted and i think it is safe to say he is never coming back well done wrestl

i am addicted and its not good for my belly what do you drink in your every day life? don't say water cos that'

is really good for going to the gym but i am getting bored of it is there alternatives to help me grow?

have you ever personally achieved a 100% interaction on MCM?

you swam with strength you loved with grace you touched us all with your expressionless face doby oh doby may you fi

make it difficult to type the S key *bleep* mice

Do you trust them? I never used to but now i have become one of them so i kind of have to.

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