Just saying hello, I'm glad I was able to find a site with people who like and love =WWF always to me= wwe games as much as I do!! Well, thanks again, talk to you.. NightWing
Ain't talked to you in a while..

Holla when you see this!!

Just signin your guestbook with me new stamp like i said i would so here

Cya Around
Thanks again for the JBL RP header & like you said, you deserve a guestbook signing from the 'King of Kings'

Thanks for the HHH header, as I said in the thread, it's great. As I also said in the request thread, I would make my own but my Photoshop trial ran out and I haven't got round to sorting it yet, but even if I had it wouldn't be as good as that.

So yeah, my header can also act as a mini-stamp, I guess...

Cheers, and see you around. Maybe if I get Photoshop I'll come back to the GFX battle thread; I once scored a 5, you know.

~ Shape
Heyy wats up my neo-buddy. Just signing to say HI. Well HI. I dont have a stamp yet soo i will sign back when i make myself one.

Actually u would think i would have my own stamp since i make other ppl stuff but i dont have one... Whoa sorry just got a little carried away there. Well sign back.
for this awesome stamp: Anyways, see you around the SVR2006 forum.

Thanks for the great Lita stamp. She is smoking hot. I love her new attitude. I wish I was Edge
thanks for making an awesome stamp for mee. its fkn incredible, <3 the color scheme.

Just Coming By to sign you Gbook

What Carange!
You seem excited that Thanksgiving Day is finally here. Well don't stuff up just yet. Recent news explains that an excesive amount of turkey can lead to a ruptured stomach and mild brain damage. Just remember that...

Hey man,

Thanks very much for the GREAT Stamp. I really appreciate it. Sign back or Whatever if you want. See you on the forum.

NWA Ireland

Well... Here it is for the 1st time.
My Stamp:

Hi, signing your g/book again to give thanks for the excellent avatar that you created for me. Top class job!! Thanks for both the banner and avatar.
Hey, just signing to say thanks for the very good banner that you created for me. I will remember to ask you again if i need a new one. Many Thanks!!
Hey man,

Thanks very much for the GREAT Stamp. I really appreciate it. See you on the forum.

NWA Ireland

Well... Here it is for the 1st time.
My Stamp:
Thanx a lot for making the avatar and sig they both look awesome and cool. Ill try to owe you back later and have a good day
Thanks for stamp
A Homie I just wanted to thank you for the avator and the banner and even that link you gave me a know that will come in handy.

See You at the SvsR 06 FOurm!
Hi, thanks for the guestbook signing you gave me (even though I don't know you lol)

So here's you're free return signing, as promised in my profile Don't have a stamp yet though

Take Care!
Just signing you guest book because you made me a great banner and I hope to see you around the forum a lot in the future

Thanks again

Future mod ( To quote Mr.Kennedy madmandude..............madmandude
hey, thank you for making me a nice banner
i needed a new one anyway.
you have now earned my respect on this

ps. how do i give you credit?
Thanks for making me a banner it's really cool. See ya around.
Hey there. Thanks for making me the stamp and header, they rock! Sorry I havn't stamped you yet, I've been really busy lately. So, without further adu...

Hi, just saying thanks for creating the avatar for me, it is gud. Thanks again. I will remember to ask you again when i need another one.