NightWing699 WwEiSbAtIsTa
May 17, 06 9:18am
Just saying hello, I'm glad I was able to find a site with people who like and love =WWF always to me= wwe games as much as I do!! Well, thanks again, talk to you.. NightWing
Lord Majin WwEiSbAtIsTa
Mar 18, 06 5:13pm
Ain't talked to you in a while..

Holla when you see this!!
freddy619 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Mar 03, 06 5:23am

Just signin your guestbook with me new stamp like i said i would so here

Cya Around
Goth_Raider WwEiSbAtIsTa
Mar 03, 06 1:45am
Thanks again for the JBL RP header & like you said, you deserve a guestbook signing from the 'King of Kings'

The Shape WwEiSbAtIsTa
Mar 02, 06 9:20am
Thanks for the HHH header, as I said in the thread, it's great. As I also said in the request thread, I would make my own but my Photoshop trial ran out and I haven't got round to sorting it yet, but even if I had it wouldn't be as good as that.

So yeah, my header can also act as a mini-stamp, I guess...

Cheers, and see you around. Maybe if I get Photoshop I'll come back to the GFX battle thread; I once scored a 5, you know.

~ Shape
Livelight WwEiSbAtIsTa
Jan 05, 06 9:12am
Heyy wats up my neo-buddy. Just signing to say HI. Well HI. I dont have a stamp yet soo i will sign back when i make myself one.

Actually u would think i would have my own stamp since i make other ppl stuff but i dont have one... Whoa sorry just got a little carried away there. Well sign back.
Dec 29, 05 5:46am
for this awesome stamp: Anyways, see you around the SVR2006 forum.
Hardyz 4 Life WwEiSbAtIsTa
Dec 29, 05 3:36am

Thanks for the great Lita stamp. She is smoking hot. I love her new attitude. I wish I was Edge
Hellboy_619 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Dec 27, 05 7:58am
thanks for making an awesome stamp for mee. its fkn incredible, <3 the color scheme.

jeffhardyrulez6 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Dec 17, 05 5:01pm
Just Coming By to sign you Gbook

What Carange!
Subsoul WwEiSbAtIsTa
Nov 24, 05 1:09pm
You seem excited that Thanksgiving Day is finally here. Well don't stuff up just yet. Recent news explains that an excesive amount of turkey can lead to a ruptured stomach and mild brain damage. Just remember that...

NWA Ireland WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 24, 05 2:41pm
Hey man,

Thanks very much for the GREAT Stamp. I really appreciate it. Sign back or Whatever if you want. See you on the forum.

NWA Ireland

Well... Here it is for the 1st time.
My Stamp:

westy_1990 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 23, 05 11:17pm
Hi, signing your g/book again to give thanks for the excellent avatar that you created for me. Top class job!! Thanks for both the banner and avatar.
westy_1990 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 23, 05 10:41pm
Hey, just signing to say thanks for the very good banner that you created for me. I will remember to ask you again if i need a new one. Many Thanks!!
NWA Ireland WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 23, 05 6:52pm
Hey man,

Thanks very much for the GREAT Stamp. I really appreciate it. See you on the forum.

NWA Ireland

Well... Here it is for the 1st time.
My Stamp:
XXSharpshooterXX WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 15, 05 8:15pm
Thanx a lot for making the avatar and sig they both look awesome and cool. Ill try to owe you back later and have a good day
jeffhardyrulez6 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 14, 05 10:24pm
Thanks for stamp
Lord Majin WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 10, 05 11:12pm
A Homie I just wanted to thank you for the avator and the banner and even that link you gave me a know that will come in handy.

See You at the SvsR 06 FOurm!
panzer_jager WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 09, 05 9:21pm
Hi, thanks for the guestbook signing you gave me (even though I don't know you lol)

So here's you're free return signing, as promised in my profile Don't have a stamp yet though

Take Care!
Madman WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 08, 05 5:20pm
Just signing you guest book because you made me a great banner and I hope to see you around the forum a lot in the future

Thanks again

Future mod ( To quote Mr.Kennedy madmandude..............madmandude
wwe champion WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 07, 05 1:33pm
hey, thank you for making me a nice banner
i needed a new one anyway.
you have now earned my respect on this

ps. how do i give you credit?
alleniverson3 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 04, 05 8:27pm
Thanks for making me a banner it's really cool. See ya around.
PS2FrEaK54 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Oct 01, 05 3:30pm
Hey there. Thanks for making me the stamp and header, they rock! Sorry I havn't stamped you yet, I've been really busy lately. So, without further adu...

westy_1990 WwEiSbAtIsTa
Sep 25, 05 4:41pm
Hi, just saying thanks for creating the avatar for me, it is gud. Thanks again. I will remember to ask you again when i need another one.