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Jan 26, 07 1:46am
One of the best FPS games for the PS2. RedFaction
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  • "love red faction, first one was good until i discoverd... RedFaction"
    Lightice Dec 14, 09 1:23am
  • "Door locked? blow a hole in the f***in' wall RedFaction"
    FireFox66 Jun 21, 09 1:44pm
  • "fun to mod, fun to play.. unfortunately it doesnt work very well on my pc.. its not that it lags, just extreme garbagey effects. just go... RedFaction"
    doomsday440 May 31, 09 10:53pm
  • "really cool game. even has multiplayer. RedFaction"
    BaronAxis2009 Dec 15, 08 4:46pm
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