Static55 Wormon
Apr 15, 03 10:15pm
Hi my name is Static55 and I have see you in digimon threds,so I signed your guest book and I was hoping to gain more friends.Also can you sign my guest book?
DuelMaster Wormon
Mar 15, 03 2:32am
signin ya guest book is wat im doin. I was bored so Im coin round' signin guestbooks. wat up homey dawg. (Im a gangsta:)) word

Peace out
Gotenks Wormon
Mar 14, 03 3:18am
hi wormon thanks for joining my club and i like what you add in the digimon story and i hope you can sign mine because i don't really have a lot of people that sign mine. so see ya.
TUMOG Wormon
Jan 19, 03 3:33pm
hello again wormon!I signed your guestbook!I have seen you around the yugioh forbidden memorries and digimon world 3 forum.I hope to see you again! TUMOG

P.S: Don't forget the dragoon
Chrono_Gamer Wormon
Jan 15, 03 10:07pm
hey man thanks a lot for helping me on the game I finally beat it Anyway I hope to see ya in the disscusion board helping other people like I am right now well sya.
crimsom galantmon129 Wormon
Dec 29, 02 3:10am
hey just signing like you told me to have fun in both the DMW3 forum and the FM forum I go to both:D !!!!!!!!! now I like wormmon too in rumble arena hes my favorite also
Jacobpower34 Wormon
Dec 24, 02 6:54pm
hey, sorry it took so long ive just been a little busy, it seems like you just god the hook of forbidden memories but if you need me help just PM me!
m_darkdrogon Wormon
Dec 20, 02 4:52am
Just doing what you wanted me to. Hope that you'll going to post more in the Forbidden Memories Forum. And I like your avatar, second series Digimon isn't it? Time to go, Cya.
The Chosen Anakin Wormon
Dec 17, 02 2:26am
I just wanted to say Hi,but it's pretty hard to do that when there's a minumum amount you can write,well,hope to see you in the forums...
eaglefire6 Wormon
Dec 17, 02 2:12am
I've seen you around the FM forum, just thought I'd drop in to say hi. Happy posting. See ya 'round.
paildramon 2 Wormon
Dec 12, 02 1:07am
well ill sign it kind of weird ii thought i sign ah well see you in dmw3 forum.(ps:i hope you finish dmw3)o and i hate the 125 caracters
gohanssj2 Wormon
Dec 11, 02 3:38am
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Well I saw that noone had signed your guestbook so I decided to do so and I hope you have fun playin dmw3 good luck!