I have a question. When hatching pokemon eggs when is the pokemon determined? like at one point does a pokemon have its I

Ive noticed that nobody (ive never seen anybody) use rapidfire element light bowguns. So i have decided to get into them. in

does the skill silver bullet stack wit other skills? like if i have silver bullet and pierce up do they both take affect or w

does charm chaser take effect on rewards? i know when u mine and get a charm u have a 20% chance to mine 2 instead of 1. howe

so i looked it up and when u kill a sharq via harpoon the drop rates r sharpened fang 42% sharqskin 22% raw meat 20% i

a big massive pain in the butt!!!!!!! is there anything special to do against him? i been trying to hunt him for a few days.

So I have been doing lots of arena quests and I was wondering wat all r the armors and weapons and such that u can get from t

Happy very late Birthday dude. I hope it was awesome :D

Before buying mh3u or even jus before fighting a monster do u watch youtube videos on the monster? like do u scout the monste

Pokemon Silver~Forever my favorite game <3
Missing my psp and mhfu :( When I go home over spring break definitely gonna grab em :) :)
How's college been, Professor?
Replacing batteries in my gold and silver, fingers crossed
Pokemon Colosseum- ENTEI U R MINE!!!!!!!!! only took 10 restarts to catch on first sighting -.-
Gotta Catch 'Em All
looks like Fire Emblem Awakening is next on my list.
Ocarina 3d? hm....
getting a 3ds friday! and m3u! cant wait!
Newtons laws? psh wooper proves them wrong. Woopers Laws r correct!
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