yo jamie nice profile lol i need to find out how to put a stamp in mine but i can't wait to beat u at ssm cya l8r n gud luk in ur exam
(have no stamp as of yet sorry,)
sooo yea nice stamp
and c ya on the track!
also do u have acww?
super mario 64 ds role playing game 3 rocks you sould try it
happy halloween woodentop
pokemon rocks (not the show though)
-- random bystander
Hey, Woodentop! Just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy 15th birthday. Hope to talk to you soon!!!

Sorry i dont have a stamp!!! i need more people to sign my guestbook and if you want PM me to be freinds!!! bye!!!!(stupid 125 letter rule)
Hi Wooden top sorry i have no stamp but soon i will so i will sign you'r guestbook. lease sign mine back as i only got one entry. Gem181
Doin random signin and you've been Chosen!

You've Been....

Visit my Neohome!
Hey, Woodentop! Here's my new stamp!

Here's my new stamp.

Don't forget to sign back!
Just signing here...Woodentop
Nice thinkin on the Pokemon Trivia
thread by the way. You totally beat me!
Sign Back soon.


I thought I'd go on my very first stamping spree so you know what happens next...


i just decided to sign your guestbook since i never have.

I'm signing your guestbook. I've seen ya around, so I decided to. Well, see ya

Dragon Swordsman
Sorry for not signin in a long time and you have signed mine like 3 times.Anyway,here is my stamp.Sorry for not signing.

YOU GOT STAMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, Woodentop. Just wanted to show you my new stamp.

thanks for being my neofriend here`s a stamp or two^_^

Hey, Woodentop. Just wanted to show you my new stamp.

I thought that it would be nice to go along signing guestbooks today. I came upon yours and here ya . . . zzzzzzz:
your my best friend and words cant describe u so take this custom banner

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Happy valentines day...

Hope you have a good one..=)

This is one of my first sprees....
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you have a good one. XD
Well, here's my stamp: ^^

Take care!

Thanks for signing my GB! Maybe we could be Neofriends?

Well, that's about it. See you in the forums!
hey i just wanted to sign your guest book .......................the rule ...........................................i thank thats enough
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!