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December 18, 2008

I'm gonna do this with every blog post. I'll have a n00b of the week, and a few other complaints, plus what I did that specific day, and lastly, I'll post a sprite every week from my gallery that I like the most at the time. Feel free to comment on the sprites.

"N00b Of The Week" will come only once per week. But the rest will come every time I post a NeoBlog.


Okay... Today, was awesome. At first. I woke up, showered, went to the bus stop, got on the bus, got to school, and first period we watched Kung-Fu Panda. Yay. We didn't get to finish it, but whatever, so second period, I went to my Astronomy class, which we didn't do anything in. I just sat on Neoseeker all period, and attempted to talk to the Aussie's who weren't on. DA! KI! HH! lol. When 3rd period rolled around, my History Teacher earned some cool points by letting us watch "Bender's Game" the newest Futurama movie. It was hilarious, as would be expected from Futurama. Fourth Period, we had English class (my favorite)! But we had nothing to do, so we went back to the History classroom and finished Bender's Game. Then a classmate and I went to the computer lab and played flash games until lunch. At lunch. I ate. Then come 5th period, I am an Aide for my English teacher's Junior Class, but they weren't there, so we just chilled. 6th period rolls around, and it's Journalism, but my school was having our "Winter Program" and every student but me went. Yay me.
I was standing outside the door to the Gymnasium, where it was held, and my first period teacher told me to not stand there, and I got angry because he was being a jerk about it. Though I will admit I overreacted. Anyway, I went back up to the high school, fuming. I went back into my journalism class, and sat there. Then decided to go into the hall and look at the scholarship opportunities that my School Counselor had posted (he posts them in the hall for all to see). I was in the middle of reading one about gays/lesbians, when my history teacher came out of his room, and told me to go to the Gym. I refused, explaining why I was still in the high school. So he got mad and yelled at me, then I replied with more yelling and a few profane words I don't feel like using here (and mind you, this is my favorite teacher). So... he threatened me with a suspension, I told him he was a pansy bitch and he decided rather than suspend me, he'd tell my mom, because she was there for the program. He did. I laughed. She called my dad. He called me, and just asked me to hold it together (mind you, this is the first time I've acted out in school in months, I don't know what came over me). And so I did. Then I went to town, saw the girl I like, visited with her for a while. Ate a hamburger, and came home. Now here I am.

N00b Of The Week...

This week, we focus on this "CheekyCharmander" fellow. Avalith apparently banned him, for reasons unknown to me, I believe it was flaming? Maybe? I don't know. My Point here, is that CC, having only 170 posts, and being 12 years old, thinks he runs Neoseeker. I am sad that Avalith did not use his "Super-Ultra-Perma-Banhammer" on him. The poor boy needs to learn a lesson. If anyone reading this blog had the divine right of reading his "TO AVALITH" thread before it was deleted, you would see what I am talking about. I found this to be extremely funny.
In the thread, he made a list of things he wanted to say. He said that craigsydenham had endured enough from him, and that he was laughing about being banned, and, well, as he said "bleep Avalith" which I thought was ultra-n00bish. He told Avalith two things, "Have Fun Closing This Thread" and "Have fun banning me." Avalith took this into consideration, when he deleted the thread without closing it. This made me laugh especially hard, because obviously the goddamned n00b had no idea that a moderator could delete threads, and was hoping that his thread would be there forever. Also, he said "P.s. You got owned by a 12 year old." to which Avalith replied something amazing, I think involving his banhammer, and said "You got owned by someone almost twice your age, hope you're happy" or something along those lines. Which is why I now officially LOVE AVALITH. <3
And to wrap up "N00b Of The Week," how in God's name do you manage to get banned after having only 170 posts? This child is pathetic.

Random Complaints About Neoseeker...

Well, today, I have but one complaint. And that is the Flaming in my PokéFiction thread (directed at one person). Flare Leo. Calm down, you need to just chill. Duckloaf312 was just messing with you, and you need to learn to let it go. For the record, talking crap online does not make you a bad ass, contrary to popular belief. And when you have a problem with someone, especially online, the best thing to do is "Kill Your Enemies With Kindness." I hope you understand. I still love you, and want you to read my PokéFiction, but don't comment if you are going to be rude. That goes for all posters on my threads. Thanks.

My Sprite Of The Week...

EDIT: I will be adding sprites from Trozei, and PMD as well as the Back Sprites from D/P and the Icons from D/P.

Not my best, I just really liked the way this recolor turned out.

~WM~ -Out-

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