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  • "The 2.0 patch came out today. I might try D3 again and see what changed. I haven't played since it first came out :S Diablo3 PC"
    tekmosis Feb 25, 14 1:12pm
  • "Sold my first item on the RMAH; $21 Diablo3 PC"
    tekmosis Jun 20, 12 9:51am
  • "Finally hit 60 last night. Neph stacks and running through Hell is much more fun. Stacks of 500-700 gold drops :D Diablo3 PC"
    tekmosis Jun 08, 12 12:44pm
  • "So close to level 60. Such a grindfest ;\ Diablo3 PC"
    tekmosis Jun 07, 12 10:01am
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