Here's a September island getaway you won't wanna miss! :)

Look upon this tropical paradise, Vita gamers, and despair! Soon shall come our time of dire need. Today, NIS America announced Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair's release date. Starting September 2, Vita gamers will once again know the true face of de....

You've sat through the Relic Weapon Atma and Animus grind. Now welcome... to the Relic Weapon Novus grind. Ah well, at lesat you can queue DF Roulette as a party now!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn faithful are still waiting for a chance to challenge the normally peaceful sylphs and their primal Ramuh, but Square Enix didn't want to make the heroes of Eorzea wait that long for new content. Patch 2.28 is now li....

Finally a strong Wii U game launch, but was there any doubt when it was Mario Kart? A free game download only sweetened the deal.

Nintendo's highly anticipated krazy racer Mario Kart 8 launched over the weekend, giving gamers old and new a fun, wacky game to have some good old fashioned Mushroom Kingdom fun on wheels. It was enjoyed by many review sites around the Internet, be....

Prepared to get Beast'ed!

Four short videos from the unannounced From Software project tentatively titled Project Beast have been "leaked." I say "leaked" because the four small videos are perfectly packaged to be epic teasers, to build hype, but to in no way taint the obvio....

Gott in Himmel, drakengard3 Japanese voice pack is a 10GB download for ps3 :(
Finally, bluexy realizes he should be ashamed of his own headlines. :D

Hooray! Aspiring artists and 3DS owners alike rejoice, because Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Art Academy will be heading west this fall. The game, which will help teach players how to draw Pokemon of increasing difficulty using the Nintendo 3D....

A cool character getup idea for fans of DS. :D

so this is my quelaag cosplay took ages to make XD

Nevermind being the very best like no one ever way, do you have what it takes... to take on Google's Hiring Committee?

Google is starting April Fool's Day early with a little help from Game Freak and Nintendo. Introducing the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge. Starting today (but not really) the Google Maps app on iOS and Android now has an additional feature -- it trac....

Guess who can afford to cough up $2B to acquire Oculus VR?

In an announcement that shocked many today, Facebook creator and boss Mike Zuckerberg announced an agreement to buy Oculus VR. Facebook will soon own the leader in virtual reality tech, and Zuckerberg has big plans that go well beyond just VR gaming....

That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and if it does kill you then you just need to be persistent. Or nuts.

Dark Souls II has been out for a little over two days now, and player deaths have been climbing at a hilariously alarming rate. As the game actually keeps track of community deaths, we were able to capture the progress so far: over 11,600,000 deaths....

Gonna be a long wait. :( But at least it's happening, and it also means Nintendo wasn't kidding when it said the 3DS is in it for the long haul!

Damn, Capcom, take your merry time I suppose. Monster Hunter 4 is finally coming westward... in early 2015. Yes, today Capcom announced the upcoming release of Monster Hunter 4G, an updated version of Monster Hunter 4 only refined and with a ton of.....

So, we really liked... BioShock Infinite! What a year its been! Hopefully gaming will get even more exciting from here on out thanks to the new console hardware!

Another year has come and gone, and with it our second Game of the Year countdown. Over the previous week, we went over some of our favorite games from 2013 and declared them our nominees for "Game of the Year." We tried our best to explain why thes....

The Return of the King!

It seems like Namco Bandai is finding its Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS roster announcement stride. It was only a short time ago when Zelda was confirmed and we already have another addition to the game. Everybody welcome King Dedede to our next S....

Bravely anticipating this sequel before we even get a chance to play the first! So jelly of you guys in the UK right now.

We've yet to receive Bravely Default in the western world quite yet, but that won't stop Square Enix and Silicon Studio from announcing a sequel. Introducing Bravely Second, a follow-up to the original RPG set in the same world, but starring a new p....

A very sad day indeed for Rune Factory fans. :(

Sad news today for fans of Rune Factory, Shining Force and Lufia as developer Neverland has announce that they've ceased all operations and filed for bankruptcy. Loosely translated, the company revealed today in a statement released on their website....

Love redeeming codes for Xbox but hate having to input the whole darn thing using a controller? This should please anyone waiting for an Xbox One!

Microsoft's Larry Hryb, more commonly known as Major Nelson, has decided to share with us the best next-gen upgrade that none of us knew we cared about. Do you remember spending all of three or four minutes redeeming digital codes on the Xbox 360? Y....

Meet the (Etrian Odyssey) Medic! Time to get FOE'd all over again.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl is still just over two weeks away from its October 1 release date. However, Atlus knows there are tons of fans anxiously awaiting the game in anticipation of the franchise's new Story Mode and have decided to r....

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