So everybody's been talking about New Mega's in OR and AS. But... keep in mind that this is a remake. So I doubt if a

Get Kirby Triple Deluxe. Now.

I have no idea what it is and I'm afraid to use it :P

Alright note:these are all kalos bred. Shiny Dugtrio (Nicknamed) Impish Shiny Venusaur Hasty Shiny Shroomish Bashful S

I will accept pretty much anything, but I would like at least 4ivs if that's Ok thanks :P

I'm mainly looking for Phantump, Pumpkaboo, Honedge, Amaura, and Froakie. If you have any of these automatic Yes! but I M

I usually just put mine in pokemon bank. That's its only use anyway :rolleyes:

If you want them untouched, I have 1 reset bag, so first come first served

I have a Psychic safari with Abra, my FC: 1950-7665-8660

I'm downloading the free club nintendo x and y thing and I think I want to do a badge quest! What shiny starter should I

Im good on all the legendary's because of this method I did. I don't know if this method has been mentioned before, b

I'll be willing to take most any events, I dont really care if they are cloned I would like a Victini or Mew but I may ag

It would be great if someone could help me out. :) My Friend Code is: 1950-7665-8660 I have Abras!

I have a Japanese ditto with my ralts, and my system is every 2 eggs Ill go deposit them in the pc, then get new eggs. Is the

Give Me All Da Minccinos

I posted this a while ago but I worded it wrong. I would like a Minncino safari!

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