The Prives of Uni Test books are soooooooo expensive it's not even funny =_=;
Yaaay the weekend begins!! Finally can go online XD
Ahh back to work again... it's nice <-- but there's little poketime >.
Back from a few days break off neo due to work :D
HOw to kne your tired: you accidently sleep through through the afternoon =_=;
Grr the hour and a half wait for class registration >.
My Baby died today D;
OMG there needs to be a search engine when you move pokemon in the PD TT_TT
Running out of things in the DW I better finish my catridges then...XD
I love my new Teddiursa <3;
Ohhh I just found out my Gallade had the worst nature for it (Modest!!)
Happy New Years to me! 1 <-- found my second shiny :D
And We've Reached HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D (lotst of illegal fireworks next door lols)
Yesss I got my revenge on the DWF Machop >:D
Due to Technical issues this service is not avilable temporarily (ie. there is a thunder stom brewing XD)
<-- Idoit who picked up the same DW pokemon twice
8D Finally got my DWF Ooooddiiishhh
It is soooo t0o early in the morning to think right now =_=
Lols I evoled a pokemon for breeding then realised that by breeding I made it incompatible with the pokemon I want :(
Omg it's 4am =_='
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