Some Neo-Friends:

-Death Talon/Andrew: Where to begin. I mean, I've been his real life friend for a few years now and introduced him to Neoseeker. Time goes by so fast these days and we don't talk as much as we used to. But still, going to his house to watch him vigorously play computer games is funny... xD He's very picky about how to spell his last name... oO

-Wasabi Mui/Amy: I have no comments for her, seriously. :( No, not really. I swear she has like a split-personality somewhere in that mind of hers. She says I'm not her "punching-bag" but I'm not 100% sure. :( Aye, Big Sister is what I used to call her, but she countered with "Didi". @__@() She thinks I'm smart. Pfft... >.>

-Blue Star/Kelly: I must say, she thinks I hate her for knowing too much Chinese, but I don't. >.> She loves cute things for obvious reasons *cough* and loves to put like a billion of them into a banner. She has to stop typing Chinese... T__T And she's smart, maybe too smart for her own good... :shifty:

-Turmoil911/Derek: Never really talked to him over PM, but I must say, he's a n00b with a serious personality stuck in a child's body. O__O() Such a hypocrite, but according to Bluey, I have a "fetish" for him. >__< He thinks I'm weird, but that's how mutual enmity works, right? xP No, except in this case, I don't hate him. xD

-Yunalookalike/Kalis: She is just plain awesome! I mean, she's like my idol and she does love to "tear out (my) eyelashes". She's gone through like twenty jobs, and is very intelligent, I suppose. She seems to know everything going on around Neoseeker, like she lives here... :shifty: And congrats on getting that job, Kalis! *claps*

-Team Groin/Todd: Unfortunately, due to huge amounts of peer pressure coming from the Asian Forum, I'm forced to say that Todd is a friend... >.< However, that does not mean that he's not a jerk and flames me once in a while behind Saint Jaycee's back and start a flaming war between the both of us... :rolleyes:

-Chaos Seraph/Goldensunfanatic/Asaph: Now this guy's my kind of best friend. He thinks Todd is annoying too. Awesome! :D He's a funny guy to talk to, except the part where he goes all o_O on me. Yes, he does love that smiley too. I just noticed how alike we are, but I'm sure he'll laugh once he reads this... :( Oh well...

Well, I just cut down my Friend's list by a lot, and determined that I still have a lot left. Too lazy to talk about all of them and too lazy to list them. Oh no, I'm becoming like Wasabi Mui

[copied from Bluey's profile]
Short dialogue between me and Jason
Jason: 我三
Me: 你三我还四呢 >.>
Jason: Stop teasing me =(
[/copied from Bluey's profile]

So it turns out I have more friends. Yay! ^^ But they're from my previous stages of this account, and unfortunately most of them left. How sad. I'll eventually leave one day, and it's too sad to think about what I've accomplished here (AKA: Nothing except typing faster and using proper spelling/grammar that would have otherwised not be taught in English xD). Well, I have a poem here, for all of you New Englanders who resent snow:

Rebirth of the Land
~The harsh winters bruiting towards its end
Where power of nature willingly lends
Its gifts of rejuvenation to its trees
And squirrels or birds running amuck and free
From the winter’s end miraculously begins
A new life under the dark shadow regains.

Winter: snowbound and covered with death
Yet angels of heaven bring their wealth
For all to share and all to see
For all the flowers and all the bees
Persephone has left the dark lord
And under the trees are new life cords.

Squirrels and rats chirp like chimes
Hypnotized by numerous rhymes
Sitting on a soon-to-be limb
Of an elk-wood that has its whims
Is a bird; happily daydreaming and flapping
Its wings and tail, beak on wood gently tapping.

Spring has finally come, Oh Thee!
Yet we cannot deny the three
Expectations that overtakes us with joy;
Are the elements: life, awe, and a young boy
Whose dreams soar to the wildest extents
But who’s to know what’s his true intent?

Spring is here, who is to deny its presence?
Towards March and April is the evanescence
The true dawn of happiness that joins us together
Staring at the sunset of March and April forever
The fool-hearted will learn the true meaning
Of winter and how much it’s demeaning.

Sitting on the rooftop waiting for the snow to melt
I am that very curious boy for all to be felt
The presence of spring fills the air
The maidens whom are true and fair
Gently guiding me across the hill
True to their words and down I sail.

With a thousand thoughts in a field of dreams
Precariously perched is a landscape theme
I sat, watching the sunset to its soft melody
Gone in me is the torture, cured with a remedy
Winter’s end and spring’s start has come and gone
Anticipating for the next morning dawn,
The landslide soft with the sun’s touch
Seasons’ lights reside in a tiny pouch.
Darkness that fills my heart evermore
Now inhabits emptiness forever more.~

Errr... some editing was done... >.> Let me know how good or bad it was by PMing me. ^^

That's all for now, folks! *Leaves*


Time for reform! Errr... I guess that's about it... -__- My interests include my friends, my life, my music, and of course, Neo-friends. There is a difference between Friends and Neo-friends... @.@


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