Wrestlers I've met so far:
John Cena-He is by far the nicest person I have ever met at an autograph signing. He took the time to talk with everyone there and even shook everyones hand which was really awesome, I've never seen someone who was done that before. (and he was really hott! lol)
Test-Really nice as well, he really took his time and chatted with everyone. He even personilized peoples autographs for free which is a plus. He couldn't move his head at all though and came out wearing a neck brace, I hope he gets better soon!
Torrie Wilson-She was suprisingly REALLY shy, most the people there were ugly old men (so I don't blame her for not talking lol). She wouldn't really talk unless you talked to her but she was really nice and even cracked a joke when I was up there. Oh, and another thing, I think she's much more pretty in real life than on tv.
Charlie Haas-He was really nice, but I don't think he was in that good of a mood. He came out with a crutch and grimaced just about everytime he took a step, and when he was signing he had a chair next to him with his leg on it and a huge bag of ice on his knee. He and Jackie commented on things that people gave them when they were signing, it was really cute lol.
Miss Jackie- She was nice as well but not that talkitive. She was wearing a neck brace and her wedding ring was huge. She and Charlie make a great couple and I wish them luck in their future together.
Stacy Keibler-She was pretty cool and she was dressed really nice. She didn't really talk to anyone at all unless you talked to her.
D-Lo Brown-He was really nice to everyone and he hugged me lol, he signed multiple things for me which was pretty cool too.
Mick Foley-He is excatly what you think he would be like. He is really nice and funny. When people were taking his picture he held up Socko too.
Petey Williams-He was pretty cool, he was just hanging out with other people from Team Canada throughout the whole meet and greet.
Monty Brown-He was pretty awesome, he wasn't that talkitive but was pretty funny.
D-Ray 3000-He was nice, he was mainly talking to Shark Boy the whole time.
Chris Sabin-Really nice also, he isn't that bad looking either lol.
Raven-One of the nicest wrestlers I have ever met. He talked with everyone and he was really funny too. He was also talking and joking with all the other wrestlers there too.
Shark Boy-He was cool, he was making a lot of jokes with D-Ray.
AJ Styles-He was really awesome, he was nice and talked to everyone.
James Storm-He was pretty cool, really nice.
Michal Shane-He was nice, really cool.
Abyss-He wasn't that talkative, and he wasn't in as good of shape as I expected him to be.
Johnny Devine-He was really cool, he was taking to Petey Williams the whole time.
Dallas-He was cool, not that talkative tho.
Shane Douglas-Pretty cool, and really funny.
In the upcoming weeks I might meet:
John Cena
Hockey players I've met so far:
Pavel Datsyuk-When I met him he couldn't speak any english at all.
Manny Legace-He is the nicest hockey player I've met. He was really cool and took pictures with everyone.
Aaron Ward-I met him at a festivle type thing by my house. He was really nice and took the time to have a conversation with me and my friends even though he was there with his family.
Henrik Zetterberg-He didn't say anything to anybody but he had an awesome Hummer-limo waiting for him in the no parking fire lane.
Brett Hull-He was a nice guy but he couldn't really talk to anyone because he had to sign things for a good 500 people. He also had his Hummer parked in the no parking fire lane.


One thing before you read anything beyond this may have missed it but I am female, despite what you may think! I like Wrestling! hockey, movies, and just hanging out with my homies lol.


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