I don't have much to put, just some of my goals in life and that will probably be it for now.

~ Goals ~

-Become a cartoonist one day hopefully.
-Be nicer to people if possible.
-Travel around to parts of the world, see the sites.
-Go out with my friends more.
-Learn how to speak Japanese and proper Spanish.
-Learn how to shade and shine in drawing.
-Become more responsible and try to accomplish everything I'm given to do.

Hopefully I can reach all that . . .


~ Drawing, big time! ^_^
~ Tons of Anime, heck yeah! ^o^
~ All Megaman, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and many other games.
~ My friends, both school/neighborhood and online
~ Me family, love you!


[Let the wings of life, guide you on your path to Heaven]

[Happy days are rolling on by as the shadows begin to overwhelm the light]

[The death of a Tenchi, the birth of a Kitsune . . .]


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